ENEA Capital Group

CSR Report 2012


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    Over 10,000 specialists employed in all the Group companies.
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    Over 2 million individual Customers. Around 300 thousand business Customers in Poland.
  • environment.pngEnvironment

    198,5 MW - Capacity installed in RES in ENEA Capital Group.


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    Social commitment
    253 active volunteers and 26,085 aid beneficiaries in 2012.

Letter from CEO

We are one of the largest companies in the energy sector in Poland. We deliver our services to approximately 2.4 million customers and employ over 10 000 people. ceo.jpg

What we did in 2012


Energy for all

We offer tailor - made solutions
for households and companies.

Customer service quality
Communication channels
Emergency response


We give employment

Employees create corporate culture, generate profit and has the greates impact on our operations.


Occupational health and safety
Professional development


Staying in touch with nature

We menage ENEA's influence on the enivronment and counteract adverse affects on our activities.

CO2 emissions

Energy usage

Waste management



Every day with ENEA

We cooperate with local authorities and NGOs in order to support equale and suistinable development.

Impact on the local community development

Social commitment
Employee volunteering