Development plans

ENEA Capital Group ambition is to be a leader in the energy sector in the retail and Client service, including the service quality of individual and institutional Clients. This objective is related with the launch of a number of processes to increase the efficiency of the ENEA Capital Group companies in this area and is associated with significant investments. 

In September 2012, ENEA S.A. adopted a Sales strategy of ENEA S.A. in retail area for years 2013-2016. The strategy envisages further expansion of retail sales outside the historic area of the Company and improvement of efficiency, client service and efficiency of wholesale trade.   

Pillars of ENEA S.A. Sales strategy in retail area for years 2013-2016
  1. Expansion of retail sales (acquiring new Customers outside the historical area, maintaining and recovery of Clients in the historical area and development of competences within gas trading).
  2. Effectiveness of Client service (development of new channels of Clients service and acquisition, improvement of Client service and its efficiency, cost optimization).
  3. Efficiency in wholesale trade (improvement of: purchasing efficiency in the wholesale market, forecasting and risk and portfolio management).   

In the area of ​​Client service, a so-called: The Program of Client Service Model Change was accomplished in 2012. Within its framework, the following projects and initiatives were conducted to achieve key objectives:

  • increase of the effectiveness of Clients’ acquisition and maintaining
  • increase in the level of Client service quality
  • reduction of the unit cost of Client service.