Ranking of 100 Most Valuable Companies by Newsweek 2011 ENEA Capital Group took twelfth place. The ranking  indicates  increase in the Company’s value by 12% compared to 2010. The ranking includes 100 most successful Polish companies employing more than 250 employees.
European TOP 500,
Rzeczpospolita daily
ENEA Capital Group was 19thon the list. The ranking took into account such  factors like sales revenues and generated profit.
Great Pearl of the Polish Economy 2012,Polish Market Awards granted to ENEA S.A. for the biggest progress in the usage of three factors of production: capital, fixed assets and work.
Trusted Brand Gold Award European Trusted Brands Award granted to ENEA brand in the “Electricity Provider” category.
The award is granted on the basis of the results of European Trusted Brands research, involving 27,000 respondents from 15 European countries.
"Benefactor of the Year", Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland ENEA Operator Award received an award granted to companies that set new trends in social commitment. The award was given for innovative employee volunteer program - education in the first aid.
ENEA Capital Group winner of the 100 Percent Employee Volunteering Awards,  Volunteer Center Award in the category of “Program Debut” for the comprehensive management of employee volunteering program in different companies of the ENEA Capital Group. In the first edition of 100 Percent Employee Volunteering Awards, 36 initiatives were reported.
Award in the competition of advertising industry "Idea Awards" for television commercial "In contact with nature" TV commercial of ENEA S.A. "In contact with nature," won the prestigious award in the category “Products and services – television”. During the 21 edition the Internet users and the international jury evaluated over 500 commercials.
ENEA S.A. among the 30 best stock exchange listed companies for reporting non-financial data The award was given for the communication and transparency in the field of non-financial data: environmental, social and governance (ESG) in the project "ESG data analysis in Poland."
Business Innovation Awards Institute for Eastern Studies and the Polish Market magazine awarded ENEA Capital Group for inspiring the university teaching and learning processes for the development of innovation in the energy sector.
Integration Foundation Certificate"User Friendly Website for People
with Disabilities "
ENEA SA received certificate as the first company in Poland. It was granted for adapting website to the needs of users with disabilities. Service was tested for accessibility to several user groups, including people with different disabilities. Introduced modifications take account of international web accessibility standards WCAG 2.0.
ENEA S.A. and ENEA Operator in the Report "Responsible Business in Poland in 2011. Good Practices" issued by the Responsible Business Forum (RBF) Two examples of responsible actions conducted by ENEA S.A. are presented in the report for the second year in a row.  Educational program for children "Electricity is not so terrible” was presented under the "Commitment and community development" and project of environmental education “In contact with nature” was presented under the “Natural Environment”.
The report also presented social activities undertaken by the ENEA Operator Company: "Academy of a Safe Kindergarten Pupil", “Code of Good Practices”, “Live-line working 2010+”project and employee volunteering "First Aid - premedical rescue".
Statuette "Friend of the Enchanted Bird"Anna Dymna Foundation and Telewizja Polska S.A. ENEA SA received the award for supporting vocally talented young people with disabilities.
Energotest award for ENEA Wytwarzanie engineers. The Company received an award from the Energotest Company for professionalism, knowledge, engineering and technical capabilities of ENEA Wytarzanie employees.On its 20th anniversary, the Energotest  Company awarded companies which contributed to the development of the most innovative engineering solutions.
IQMS Certificate for ENEA Wytwarzanie  In June 2012 the Company received a certificate confirming the implementation of the Integrated Quality Management System, Environmental, Health and Safety requirements of the following standards: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, PN 18001, OHSAS 18001 within the generation and trading of electricity as well as generation, transmission and distribution of heat.
Prestigious certificates "Highest quality" for BHU and Eneos companies BHU Company received certificate for the second time. In addition, individual prize and the title of the "Best Quality Manager" have been awarded to Piotr Koczorowski, President of the  Eneos Management Board.