CSR Strategy

The notions from within the corporate responsibility were made more detailed in the Strategy of Corporate Social Responsibility of ENEA Capital Group being implemented from 2010. CSR was also included as one of 3 strategic pillars of the business strategy of ENEA Capital Group realized in 2012.

CSR strategy

CSR objectives included in the strategy are implemented by each company accordingly to individually established operational plans. Companies report to the Manager for Corporate Social Responsibility at ENEA S.A. the level of implementation of these plans for a given year. 

Thanks to the implemented strategy and reporting in 2012, ENEA S.A. was awarded for the communication and transparency of non-financial data, such as environmental, social issues and corporate governance within the project "Analysis of ESG data in Poland", implemented by the Association of Stock Exchange Issuers. ENEA S.A. was among the 30 awarded companies listed on the stock exchange. 

gc.pngSince 2011 ENEA S.A. is the member of the international UN initiative Global Compact - the world's largest, voluntary initiative for corporate responsibility and sustainable development. Global Compact was inaugurated by the UN Secretary General Kofi Annan in 2000. The Initiative is based on respecting 10 rules in the areas of human rightshuman rightslabour, natural human rightslabourenvironmenthuman rightslabourenvironmentanti-corruption and promoting corporate social responsibility. ENEA S.A. by joining the initiative obliged itself to respect these principles.   


ENEA S.A. partner of the publication "How to gain responsibility" 

In 2012, ENEA S.A. and the Stock Exchange in Warsaw took over the patronage of the publication on the importance of CSR strategies of the publicly traded companies. The publication published by the training and consulting company CSRinfo and the Association of the Stock Exchange Issuers presented best practices from the area of ​​corporate responsibility and sustainable development.
The publication is available at this link (PDF, 1.8 Mb).