Preparations for the development and implementation of the Code of Conduct have been commenced in 2012. These works are continued in 2013 as part of the charting and implementation of the code of ethics project applicable in the entire ENEA Capital Group.

Issues related with the area of ​​anti-corruption in the workplace in the majority of companies are regulated by Labor Regulations and the Capital Group companies does not have separate procedures in this regard. In ENEA S.A. An internal policy of conduct in the case of notification or discovery of unacceptable behavior in ENEA S.A. was adopted in 2012. From the other hand, in ENEA Operator Company Code of Good Practices ENEA Operator is applicable.

Code of Good Practices ENEA Operator

The Company has implemented the Code of Good Practices in 2011, which is a formal set of principles, values ​​and standards of ethical behavior, defining the treatment and behavior and relationships in the company's micro-world, as well as with the external environment – especially with Customers and partners. The Code is designed to increase the involvement of employees, develop appropriate attitudes of employees, and to strengthen identification with the workplace. Commitment to a particular code of conduct has been grouped into five main categories:

  • internal relations
  • relationships with Clients
  • relationships with business partners
  • relationships with media representatives
  • relationships with local communities.

Code of Good Practices is available at this link.

In none of the ENEA Capital Group companies cases of corruption were confirmed in 2012.