Membership in organizations

The ENEA Capital Group companies belonged to the following organizations in 2012:

Company  Organization 
ENEA S.A. Institute of Internal Auditors IIA
Polish Association of Energy Traders
Polish Association of Stock Exchange Issuers
Polish-Spanish Chamber of Commerce
Business Centre Club
Wielkopolska Chamber of Commerce and Industry
CEEP Central Europe Energy Partners
ENEA Wytwarzanie Chamber of Commerce for Energy and Environmental Protection
Economic Society Polish Power Plants
The Power Plant Employers Union
Polish Red Cross, Kozienice Management Board 
Polish Club POLLAB Laboratories
Association of Polish Electrical Engineers, Branch in Radom
Business Centre Club
Izrael-Poland Chamber of Commerce
ENEA Operator Wielkopolska Employers Association
Wielkopolska Capital Club Sp. z o.o. 
Partner Club of University of Economics in Poznań
Lubuskie Association for Energy Development
Energy Employers Association in Warsaw
Association of Polish Electricians  
Polish Power Transmission and Distribution Organisation
EDSO for Smart Grids
ENERGOMIAR Polish Power Transmission and Distribution Organisation
ENERGOBUD Leszno STELEN Association
Energo-Tour Wielkopolska Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Employers Organization 
Elektrociepłownia Białystok The Combined Heat and Power Station Association of Employees
Chamber of Commerce for Energy and Environmental Protection
Polish Association of System Heat and Power Plants
Association of Polish Electrical Engineers
Polish Chamber of Commerce of Heat Engineering
Elektrownie Wodne Polish Hydropower Association
Energy Employers Association
Polish Wind Energy Association  
MEC Piła Polish Chamber of Commerce of Heat Engineering
Heat Engineering Employers Association
Chamber of Commerce of Northern Wielkopolska
PEC Oborniki Polish Chamber of Commerce of Heat Engineering
Eneos Energy Employers Association
Hotel Edison Poznań Local Tourist Organization 

Map of ENEA Capital Group stakeholders 

ENEA Capital Group analyzes its business surrounding i.e. stakeholders and their expectations. For the first time we had analyzed the map of our stakeholders and engaged them in order to learn on their expectations and opinions during the creation of the CSR Strategy of ENEA Capital Group. In subsequent years we involved stakeholders in the reporting process. 

"Ensuring dialogue with stakeholders, including local communities and taking into account their voice in the business operations" objective is one of the three key areas established by the CSR Strategy of ENEA Capital Group. 

The quality of stakeholder relations has a direct impact on our business not only in the context of maintaining the Customer base, but also within planned and ongoing investments and operation of the existing infrastructure.

Stakeholders We communicate with them by means of:
  • Investor Relations Office
  • Face-to-face meetings with investors
  • Meetings, such as road shows, participation in conferences, events and lectures
  • Applications for investor relations, available on appliances iPhone / iPad and Android smartphones
  • Website
  • Current and quarterly reports
  • Annual report
  • CSR report
  • Employee satisfaction research
  • Meetings, trainings, team building
  • Cooperation with trade members
  • Intranet
  • Newsletters
  • TOP 300 meetings and newsletters
  • Broadcasting system
  • Employee volunteer program
  • Annual report
  • CSR report
  • Community engagement report
  • Direct contact with the Client Service Office
  • Customer Hotline
  • Customer satisfaction research
  • Special website tabs at dedicated to different Customers, such as    "Energy for Home," "Energy for Business"
  • Customer Forum at, chats, blogs
  • Channel ENERGA NEWS at
  • Customers environmental education through actions such as "In contact with  nature," and dedicated educational and social portal
  • Meetings and events organized for key business Customers
  • Annual report
  • CSR Report
Local authorities
  • Direct meetings, participation in local events
  • Representatives of ENEA S.A. take an active part in the working group appointed  by the governor of Wielkopolska. Its goal is to identify the essential social needs and planning measures for their implementation.
  • Channel ENERGY NEWS
  • Website
  • Conferences
  • Community engagement report
  • CSR Report
Local communities, public opinion
  • Direct meetings and cooperation with representatives of the local communities
  • Communication with local and national media
  • Participation of ENEA Capital Group and ENEA S.A. employees in activities for the sake of local communities within  Employee Volunteer Program
  • website, including extensive website tab dedicated to corporate  social responsibility,  ENEA S.A. strategic goals in that respect and their implementation
  • Profile on Facebook dedicated to environmental education
  • Lectures and participation in industry events and events dedicated to corporate social responsibility
  • Community engagement report
  • CSR Report
Non-governmental organizations, beneficiaries, social partners, scientific institutions
  • Website
  • Application form for beneficiaries
  • Direct contact
  • Dialog during the implementation of shared projects
  • Community engagement report
  • CSR Report

Contractors and suppliers
  • Direct communication with dedicated people from individual companies of the Capital Group appointed for cooperation
  • Website
  • Competitions and tenders
  • Industry meetings, trade fairs
  • Annual report
  • CSR Report
Industry organizations
  • Meetings
  • Trade fairs
  • Membership in organizations
  • Participation in working groups, authorities, industry organizations
  • Annual report
  • CSR report
  • Press office and communication
  • Contact by the dedicated e-mail
  • Website
  • Meetings with media representatives
  • Community engagement report
  • CSR Report
Public administration
  • Reports
  • Annual report
  • CSR Report
  • Direct meetings
  • Conferences
Natural environment
  • We communicate our impact on environment through statements and reports sent to government entities dedicated to environment protection and through the CSR Report.