Renewable energy sources

ENEA Capital Group obeys in its operations binding in Poland guidelines and laws for the sale of energy from renewable energy sources (RES) and cogeneration. A continuation of signing a long-term contracts is planned, for the purchase of certificates confirming generation of electricity from renewable energy sources and cogeneration, from third parties.

ENEA Capital Group plans to increase generation capacities based on renewable energy sources. According to the implemented in 2012 strategy, the Capital Group aims to achieve 250-350 MW of installed generation capacity in wind by 2020. Further investments in generation capacity based on biogas are also planned. 

In line with corporate strategy implemented in 2012 ENEA Capital Group also invested in modernization of the acquired thermal power stations turning them into heat and power plants. These use, among others, biomass and generate electricity from cogeneration. 

ENEA Capital Group installed capacity in renewable energy sources is 198.5 MW. Out of which 78.5 MW is biomass. Capital expenditures of ENEA Capital Group, associated with renewable sources, exceeded 355 million PLN in 2012.   

Energy generated from RES and cogeneration in MWh  

Specification  2010 2011 2012
Energy generated from RES, for which Hydropower plants receive green certificates of origin 155 239.305 160 479.361  151 209.813
Amount of production and number of certificates of origin from the biogas plant Liszkowo 7 451.976 6 175.880  1 826.680 
Gross electricity generated by the biogas plant Liszkowo for which DOBITT Energy has received green certificates of origin - - 2,636.088 
Energy generated by the Wind Farm Darżyno for which the Company Elektrownie Wodne received green certificates of origin - 12 918.996  16 410.336
Electricity generated in RES generation unit  of Elektrocieplownia Białystok 114 027.455  194 269.865  160 000.671
Electricity generated in cogeneration CHP unit of Elektrociepłownia Białystok 461 385.110  464 440.926  391 532.895
Electricity generated from RES in ENEA Wytwarzanie thanks to installation of biomass co-firing (Green certificates) 319 150.283  393 078.915 518 565
Electricity generated in ENEA Wytwarzanie from cogeneration (Red certificates) 65 982.939 55 601 61 077
Gross electricity generation by wind farm belonging to the Windfarm Polska. - - 121 914.344

Detailed information on the obligations of companies in the energy industry within obtaining certificates of origin is enclosed in the Management Board on the operations of ENEA Capital Group in 2012 (p. 69-72).

Electricity from renewable sources is generated by the following companies: 

  • ENEA Wytwarzanie, biomass co-firing with conventional fuel (hard coal),
  • Elektrociepłownia Białystok, cogeneration of electricity from biomass,
  • Elektrownie Wodne (21 hydropower plants, Darżyno wind farm)
  • Dobitt Energia (Liszkowo biogas power plant belongs from October 2012 to Dobitt Energia company)
  • Windfarm Polska (Bardy wind farm). 

Elektrociepłownia Białystok completed conversion of the other coal-fired boiler to fluidized-bed boiler type BFB - powered by biomass in 2012. It significantly boosted its generation capacity based on renewable energy sources. 

Currently, in Białystok CHP generation capacity from renewable energy sources amounts to: thermal energy generated from renewable energy sources - 98.4 MWt, energy generated from renewable energy sources - 56.6 MWe

To maximize energy generation from renewable energy sources, Białystok CHP uses the so-called condensing turbine TZ4. It is powered by bleeding steam turbine CHP TZ1 of a pressure of 1.0 MPa. 

Elektrownie Wodne company is responsible for the development of projects in the field of wind energy. In February 2013 Elektrownie Wodne received permission to build a wind farm Baczyna of 15 MW. The new plant is scheduled for the first quarter of 2014. 

Remaining 27.5 MW in a group of own projects managed by Elektrownie Wodne, is a Choszczno wind farm. Its construction is planned for 2014. 

The Company is also developing a pilot photovoltaic farm with a capacity of 1 MW, located in Jastrów. Its commissioning is scheduled for the end of 2015. 

The Company is also interested in Złotów wind farm with a capacity of 12 MW. Its launch is expected in 2014. 

25 wind turbines with a total capacity of 50 MW are the basic units of electricity generation from renewable sources in the Windfarm Polska company. Windfarm Polska commenced generation of energy from a licensed source on 29 February 2012. 

Generation by ENEA Capital Group of electricity (net) from renewable energy sources [GWh] 

  2011 2012 Change[%]
Biomass co-firing 392 519 32.1%
Biomass firing 102 131 28.4%
Hydropower plants 158 149 - 5.7%
Wind farms 13 100 669.2%
Biogas power plants 6 2 - 66.7%

An important role is played by an independent operator - ENEA Operator Company in the development of renewable energy sources in Poland. 

According to the Energy Law, ENEA Operator is required to conclude agreements for connection to the distribution network of entities applying for such connection. Meeting the technical and economic conditions of connection is required. Entities applying for the connection must also meet the conditions for connection and acceptance of energy.

Network availability for all current and potential users of the distribution network and the scale of connecting renewable energy sources depends on the efficiency of ENEA Operator activities.   

ENEA Operator plans to spend more than PLN 600 million for connecting renewable energy sources to the distribution network of ENEA Operator. 

Detailed information about investments carried out by ENEA Operator and investments subsidized by EU funds within RES connections to the distribution network are available at ENEA Operator website.