The new corporate strategy 2014-2020

A new "Corporate Strategy of the ENEA Capital Group for 2014-2020" has been adopted in 2013, thanks to which the Capital Group will become a fully integrated energy group.  Value increase through building customer confidence is the new mission of the Capital Group.

Building long-term relationships with Clients, growth in profitable areas, improving efficiency and optimal use of the potential of the organization are the strategic objectives of ENEA Capital Group.

Implementation of the planned investments in 2014-2020 incurs outlays in the total amount of PLN 20 billion. They will be covered by own funds and debt financing.

The growth path in the profitable areas will be achieved through the construction of a competitive generation portfolio. The Capital Group plans to expand the generating capacity by 1 075 MWe in the system power plants segment (completion of the power block no. 11 construction in Kozienice in 2017), by about 500 MWe from renewable energy sources and by about 300 MWe and 1 500 MWt in cogeneration sources and district heating networks.

The choice of fuel for cogeneration units will be derived from the analysis of the economic attractiveness of individual projects. Furthermore, the Capital Group also plans to invest in distribution and increase margins in both: the sales and wholesale trade.