2013 Projects

ENEA Capital Group

A new "Corporate Strategy of the ENEA Capital Group for 2014-2020" has been adopted in 2013, thanks to which the Capital Group will become a fully integrated energy group.  Value increase through building customer confidence is the new mission of the Capital Group.

Building long-term relationships with Clients, growth in profitable areas, improving efficiency and optimal use of the potential of the organization are the strategic objectives of ENEA Capital Group.

Implementation of the planned investments in 2014-2020 incurs outlays in the total amount of PLN 20 billion. They will be covered by own funds and debt financing.

The growth path in the profitable areas will be achieved through the construction of a competitive generation portfolio. The Capital Group plans to expand the generating capacity by 1 075 MWe in the system power plants segment (completion of the power block no. 11 construction in Kozienice in 2017), by about 500 MWe from renewable energy sources and by about 300 MWe and 1 500 MWt in cogeneration sources and district heating networks.

The choice of fuel for cogeneration units will be derived from the analysis of the economic attractiveness of individual projects. Furthermore, the Capital Group also plans to invest in distribution and increase margins in both: the sales and wholesale trade.

In order to better manage risks in the ENEA Capital Group, a so called: Model Risk and Risk Register including 131 risks in ENEA Capital Group was created. Risk assessment was carried out in the form of workshops with key executives of six major companies of ENEA Capital Group. During the workshop, carefully selected working groups were engaged in the assessment of risks in the four-level scale, examining each risk in terms of possible effects, vulnerability and probability.

The Management Board of ENEA S.A. approved and adopted for use The Code of ENEA Capital Group in September 2013. It is a kind of corporate "constitution" which is to ensure efficient and transparent management of subsidiaries by introducing a statutory mechanism for the management of the Capital Group. The purpose of the amendments is to create a uniform economic entity which sanctions the main role of ENEA S.A. company.

The Code defines ENEA Capital Group “interest” term and obliges all companies to cooperate with other companies in the ENEA Capital Group in order to implement the Capital Group's strategy and mission,  create its value as a whole and maintain consistency. The act enables the implementation of common policies, such as: reporting , safety, audit, purchasing and marketing.

The existing holding contract emphasized the separateness of individual companies. Such a model could lead to the disintegration of the ENEA Capital Group and hinder its performance in a competitive market. ENEA S.A. Management Board appointed a capital group under the name: ENEA Group, which includes the following companies:

  1. ENEA S.A. with registered office in Poznań,
  2. ENEA Centrum S.A. with registered office in Poznań,
  3. ENEA Operator sp. z o.o. with registered office in Poznań,
  4. ENEA Trading sp. z o.o. with registered office in Świerże Górne,
  5. ENEA Wytwarzanie S.A. with registered office in Świerże Górne,
  6. Energetyka Poznańska Zakład Transportu sp. z o.o. with registered office in Poznań,
  7. Energomiar sp. z o.o. with registered office in Poznań,
  8. Energetyka Poznańska Przedsiębiorstwo Usług Energetycznych ENERGOBUD Leszno sp. z o.o. with registered office in Gronówek,
  9. BHU S.A.  with registered office in Poznań,
  10. Eneos sp. z o.o. with registered office in Poznań.

At a later stage, changes have been made to the statutes and contracts of companies comprising the ENEA Group. These changes will lead to objectives harmonization of  all companies in the ENEA Group  with the objectives of the entire ENEA Group.


Building Customers trust leading to the increase in the value of the Capital Group is the new mission of the Capital Group announced in October 2013. It is the motto of the new "Corporate Strategy of the ENEA Capital Group for 2014-2020". Its priority area is to build long-term relationships with the Clients. Accomplishment of the assumptions mean investment in the development of services for the Customers. The first results of the new strategy may be observed by the customers  already in 2014.

A new Contact Center ENEA Centrum has been launched on 26 April 2013 – a modern communication channel with Clients has been created within Change of the Client Service Model of ENEA Capital Group.  Call Center Offices, Back Office, Settlement and Vindication Offices responsible for Client service in the area of Poznań, Zielona Góra and Gorzów Wielkopolski are located in the Contact Center seat at Dziadoszańska str., in Poznań.

From May, ENEA S.A. Clients may use the services of Contact Center, which is open from Monday to Friday: 7:00-18:00. Office receives more than a thousand calls a day. Average waiting time for the connection with the consultant is 14 seconds. Effectiveness in receiving incoming calls is 96%, out of which 92% of calls are answered within the first 20 seconds.

ENEA Operator Company has been publishing a newsletter "Energy self-government" from 2013 which is addressed to the local public administration. In the bulletin, the Company announces the on-going works, investments and other aspects significant from the cooperation with the local authorities point of view.

The newsletter is available on the ENEA Operator website

Eneos Company organized in Kołobrzeg "More Light" fairs on 9-10 May 2013, of which efficient energy management was the main theme. ENEA S.A., Eneos and Energomiar Companies and leading manufacturers presented the latest  energy-efficient lighting  trends and solutions. Eneos Company presented for the first time photovoltaic system installed on the building of the Szczecin branch of the Company. Fairs were visited by over 300 people.  Representatives of the governments from the ENEA Capital Group operation areas were among the invited guests.

ENEA S.A. received an Emblem of  the Most Environment Friendly Brand  in the most recent survey of Consumers by the European Trusted Brands. This award was granted to ENEA brand in the "energy supplier" category. It is the only award given to a company operating in the energy industry in our country.

Golden and Crystal Statues of a Trusted Brand were granted in  36 categories. This year,  thirteenth edition of the European Trusted Brands survey was conducted in 12 European countries, including Poland. In total opinions of  of more than 18 000 consumers were collected  who indicated more than 79 000 brands. The study was based on spontaneous replies without hints, which means that the results are the most reliable.


ENEA Wytwarzanie received "Employers friendly to employees" certificate from the President of Poland Bronisław Komorowski and Piotr Duda, Chairman of the National Committee of  "Solidarity". Certificate was granted to 22 companies that care about good relations with employees. Awarded employers may  use the certificate for three years.

ENEA Capital Group employees had an opportunity to test their knowledge in the area of ​​labour law, OSH, first aid, energy industry and operations of the Capital Group during the "One in ten thousand" competition. The contestants had to go through a three-stage elimination to receive the prestigious title of "Omnibus of the year".

The competition origins date back to the 90s, when employees competed in the field of Occupational Safety and Health. Finals of the "One in ten thousand"  took place on 21 June in Baranowo near Poznań.

A systematic development of key competencies of employees is one of the tasks that are set by the ENEA S.A. High level of knowledge and competences is the basis of effective implementation of the  Company’s objectives. Managers of ENEA S.A. Offices, Departments and Teams took part in April 2013 in internal training "Motivation for achievement, or how to carry  a conversation with an employee" aimed atincreasing their competences in the area of ​​team leadership. During the training, participants expanded their knowledge and competences within providing a constructive feedback with taking into account employees criteria evaluation resulting from the "Regulation of ENEA S.A. bonus awarding in 2013".

ENEA Operator completed 18 679 live-line works (LLW), which is an increase of about 4% compared to 2011. 4 722 works in the LLW system have been performed in the first quarter of 2013, which is an increase of approximately 19% compared to the first quarter of 2012.

19 LLW courses and training of 360 persons is to be conducted until the end of 2013. 880 persons have been trained representing 51% of all persons to be trained under the project in 2010-2015.

Furthermore, rules for granting LLW certificates for persons from external companies were drafted to encourage external partners  to implement works in LLW system.


ENEA Wytwarzanie Company signed a contract  for the construction of ecological desulphurisation plant IOS IV in March 2013, which reduces sulphur dioxide emissions. The investment is worth more than PLN 182 million gross. Babcock-Hitachi KK is the contractor of the investment. New system is intended to provide more than 93% desulfurization efficiency, enabling the Company to maintain required emission standards and implement production plans. The installation is to be ready in June 2015.

Elektrociepłownia Białystok completed the implementation of an investment related with the combustion of biomass generation unit with Heat Accumulation System. The project was aimed at reducing the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere, thus increasing the security of supply of heat. This is another step of the Company to increase the production of electricity from renewable energy sources. The opening ceremony took place on 18 April this year.

Elektrociepłowna Białystok has started another project in August 2013 - construction of the heat recovery from the exhaust of the biomass boiler.  Its task is to recover and use heat that is now lost. The maximum boiler capacity will amount to 18.4 MW. This is the first of its kind investment in Poland, and the value of its implementation is PLN 25.5 million. Consortium Mostostal Warszawa and Radscan Intervex Polska is responsible for the construction. Accomplishment of the project is planned for the fourth quarter of 2014.

Miejska Energetyka Cieplna Piła Company has started the construction of a new cogeneration unit fuelled by natural gas in May 2013.  Development of a district heating system in Piła at the simultaneous minimizing any negative impact on the environment is the goal of the investment. The Company received a loan of PLN 4.5 million for the investment from the Regional Fund of Environment Protection and Water Management in Poznań, granted on preferential terms. The project has also received a positive opinion of the National Fund of Environment Protection and Water Management in Warsaw.

The construction will allow the Company to provide to district heating system almost 10MWt of thermal energy and about 10 MWe of electricity. It is enough to satisfy 30 per cent of the city needs for electricity and 100 per cent  demand for hot water for the citizens who are clients of MEC Piła Company. The value of the investment is PLN 36 million gross. JOKA Sp. z o.o and CPL Concordia Societa Cooperativa O/Polska consortium are responsible for accomplishment of the investment.

ENEA Operator is implementing a project to replace old transformers, MV / LV  with high losses in the transformation of energy (stray load and no-load losses), to energy efficient units in order to reduce technical losses in the power grid.  The project includes the replacement of 1692 transformers  working in medium voltage distribution network in all areas of the Distribution Branches. The oldest transformers produced in the period from 1945 to 1980 are to be replaced.

1 318 transformers have been purchased, and 1 140 units of high losses have been replaced by 31 March 2013.


ENEA Capital Group is not slowing down in 2013 and is actively involved in the activities of a social nature, especially in the area of ​​employee volunteering. In total 313 employees have involved in volunteering  in the first half of 2013 who have spent a total of 733 hours for people in need.

Employee volunteering in the first half of 2013
Number of beneficiaries 23 287
Number of hours devoted to volunteering 733
Number of supported units 120
Number of volunteers

40 volunteers from ENEA (ENEA S.A., BHU and Energomiar) has tidied up the area for the construction of educational path in May 2013 for charges of Mr. Smoleń Foundation in Mosina. ENEA S.A. has also funded the purchase of carriage adapted for wheelchairs, where people with disabilities learn how to drive a carriage.

jr.pngEmployee volunteering is one of the most valuable forms of support. In the course of working together volunteers, employees of the foundation and its charges learn, exchange experiences and appreciate effort put in the accomplishment of the project. Employee volunteering brings together local community, provides an opportunity to establish new business and private contacts, which may lead to a positive future.

Joanna Regulska
Foundation of Mr. Smoleń in Mosina

ENEA S.A. has supported the National Prosthesis Program conducted by Jasiek Mela Foundation “Beyond Horizons” already in 2012. This program aims to ensure not only psychological, legal and informatory support to people after amputations but also supply in orthopedic equipment and activating the disabled.

In addition, ENEA Capital Group employees took part in the race for the charge of Jasiek Mela Foundation "Beyond Horizons" in 2013. The Capital Group was represented by organized in five teams ENEA Operator and ENEA S.A. employees.  In this race not the result was the most important but the goal. In total PLN 120 thousand was raised.

Volunteers  of ENEA Wytwarzanie took part in the 17th edition of the Science Picnic organized in 2013 at the National Stadium in Warsaw. Persons who visited our stand could check, among others, what power energy lemons have and how to trigger lightning by means of a Van de Graaff generator. Children could learn how to safely use electrical appliances while adults had  opportunity to see the visualization of the new power unit of ENEA Wytwarzanie being built in Kozienice. The event was visited by over 150 000 people.

One of the major projects of ENEA Capital Group volunteering aims to promote pro-ecological behaviour among children. Children and their parents may learn how to, through play, care for the environment every day on the website dedicated to the program. The project was also conducted in a form of classes in schools.

"In contact with nature KIDS" is a continuation of conducted  since 2011 a nationwide environmental education project "In contact with nature."