Letter of the President of the ENEA Capital Group Management Board

Dear Sirs,

ENEA Capital Group is developing dynamically. We are one of the biggest energy companies in Poland. Since 2003, when ENEA brand was originated, we have accomplished ambitious plans to continuously strengthen our market position.

One of our key responsibilities to our stakeholders  is to transparently inform about the directions and rules of our business.

Effective management of a modern company, especially at such an important period of development, requires a broad perspective of the social, economic and environmental effects of the actions taken. Therefore, I’m pleased to invite you to read the new Corporate Social Responsibility Report of the ENEA Capital Group.

In the report we describe operations of the company in 2013 from the perspective of the most important challenges for the industry’s sustainable development and corporate responsibility standards. While reading the report you will have an opportunity to assess how important this year was for the future of our company and the entire energy sector in Poland, what role of the ENEA Capital Group we see in the future and what strategic goals we set.

2013 was a very a very special year to us in many ways. First of all, it was a time of key changes, thanks to which we improve the management effectiveness by building an integrated and consolidated ENEA Group. In line with the best practices of responsible business, we have commenced implementation of a new corporate strategy for years 2014-2020 in 2013, a new mission and vision of the ENEA Group and the ensuing organizational governance.

Mission of the ENEA Capital Group is to increase its value by building trust in Customers. The principal idea of our activities is to build value for shareholders and ensure security of energy supply to our Customers. We shall therefore focus our efforts on building long-term relationships with Customers, growing in profitable areas, improving efficiency and optimal use of the potential of the organization.

Success of ENEA Capital Group is the result of nearly 10 thousand specialists work. Furthermore, we have implemented a code of ethics in order to improve standards in the workplace in 2013.

A new organizational governance shall allow to improve and increase the efficiency of the Capital Group companies, so that they are one entity, main goal of which is to ensure continuity of energy supply. This is our most significant responsibility -   effective activities to ensure the energy safety of the country.

Investments to increase power generation of ENEA Capital Group both from conventional and renewable sources are a key to achieving strategic goals. A continued construction of block 11 in Kozienice with capacity 1 075 MWe is the priority investment. It will be the most modern coal-fired power block in Poland.

We plan to increase the generation capacity from renewable energy sources by about 500 MWe  and from cogeneration sources and heating networks by about 300 MWe and 1500 MWt. We plan to spend PLN 20 billion for the investments being implemented in 2014-2020.

The energy sector is growing more dynamically, and as such a number of challenges before energy companies is growing.  Meeting them brings a necessity to develop skills and reach for new opportunities offered by the market. We care, therefore, to maintain a diversified product portfolio, a wide range of solutions and additional services. In 2013 ENEA S.A. received a license to commence in 2014 retail sales of natural gas.

We deliver electricity to almost 2.4 million customers. The scale of our business brings a huge responsibility towards our clients. Electricity is essential for functioning, so we focus our efforts to guarantee an uninterrupted access to it.  In order to achieve that, we continue to invest in the development of the distribution network. 2014 will be a record year in this regard.

I hope that the report shall be a source of interesting and useful information for you.

I wish you a pleasant reading.

Krzysztof Zamasz       
President of the Management Board