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Pearl of the Polish Economy

Enea was awarded a certificate in the ranking of Polish enterprises and received the title of the Pearl of the Polish Economy in the Great Pearls category in October 2016. We were proud that in laudation we were appreciated for "consistent implementation of company policy and strategy and a leading position among the most dynamic and effective companies in Poland."

Enea the Wprost weekly Eagle

We won the "Wprost Eagles" competition in June 2016 in the category "Company with the highest average net profit in 2012-2014".

We’re prudent

Enea Logistyka was awarded the "Prudent Company" certificate for taking up specific debt management activities and conducting business in accordance with the standards described in the Code of Good Practices of Prudent Companies.

Appreciated by the industry

Association of Polish Electrical Engineers awarded Szczecin division of Enea Oświetlenie in 2016 with the medal of Eng. Kazimierz Szpotański. The award is granted to companies particularly distinguished for the development of the electrical industry. It is also an expression of gratitude to the company for many years of cooperation with the organization.

Customer friendly company

We received Emblem of Customer Friendly Company in 2016 for the third time. The award is based on a survey among nearly 900 Enea clients, who assessed the following issues: probability of our company's recommendation, ease of contact with us and overall customer satisfaction with Enea co-operation.

A proven energy seller

We were awarded for the second time with the title of Certified Energy Seller of Association of Energy Trading, which confirms the application of the "Best Practices of Electricity Sellers". We are one of the seven companies in Poland to receive this title out of 400 companies with a license to trade in electricity.

Amber of the Polish Power Industry

Our company was honored during the All-Poland Energy Summit in Gdańsk, for "complementing the value chain with coal assets and thus securing supplies of raw materials to the key investment in the generation segment."

The best digital project

Oracle Poland awarded Enea Centrum for the "Best digital project”. This is a confirmation of the very good result of process management introduction, document digitization and system integration within the Enea Group.

Safe Bogdanka

LW "Bogdanka" SA received the title of "Industrial Safety Leader" during the International Conference "Risk Engineering Days". This distinction is granted annually to companies and institutions in Poland in recognition of their achievements and innovations in the field of industrial safety.

Bogdanka report is the best

LW Bogdanka was awarded the Main Prize of the Minister of Development in the tenth jubilee edition of the "Social Reports" competition organized by the Responsible Business Forum and Deloitte. The Integrated Report of LW Bogdanka SA Capital Group for 2015 was awarded.

Innovative Bogdanka

LW Bogdanka received the main prize in the "Industry" category in the 6th edition of "Wprost Innovators" - competition for the most innovative companies in Poland. The winners of "Innovators" are selected on the basis of the author's own Innovation Research, which verifies expenditures on research, development and investments in innovation and their practical application in business.

Bogdanka the best employer east of Poland

LW Bogdanka mine was awarded in the Top Employers of Eastern Poland 2016 competition.