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Calendar of 2016


  • On 30 December 2015 Supervisory Board of Enea appointed Mirosław Kowalik as the President of the Management Board of Enea with effect from 7 January 2016. Wiesław Piosik, previously acting the Company's President, was appointed  the Vice-president for Corporate Affairs of the Enea S.A. Management Board.
  • The "Energy friendly self-government" competition organized by Enea Operator was won by the Kościan district. The investment worth PLN 15 thousand for activities supporting the reliability and security of electricity supply was an award.
  • Enea introduced to the market ENERGY + Professional, on 15 January, a product for inpidual clients. The fixed price of energy and benefit package is provided in cooperation with the PZU Group.


  • Data migration of nearly 2.5 million customers to the Complex Client Service Care System (SKOK) ended. Moreover, electronic Customer Service Centre (e-CSC) and e-invoice were launched. These activities provide easier settlements and better customer service.
  • Two new members of Enea Management Board were appointed on 15 February: Piotr Adamczak - Vice-President of Enea SA Management Board for Commercial Affairs and Mikołaj Franzkowiak - Vice-President of Enea SA Management Board for Financial Affairs. Since then, Enea Management Board has been operating in a full four-person composition.
  • Eight employees of the Enea Group were honored with the "Merit for Energetics" badges. The badge, awarded since 2001 to distinguished employees of the energy industry, is a Polish, one-step civilian decoration granted by the Minister of Economy.
  • Enea Wytwarzanie signed a framework cooperation agreement with Kozienice district. This is the third such agreement between the company and the local government that will support educational, cultural and sport projects.
  • As part of the reorganization of the maintenance services at Enea Operator, the following Regional Dispatching Centers were merged: Inowroclaw and Mogilno, Dębno and Sulęcin, Międzyzdroje and Gryfice, Krosno Odrzańskie and Żary. Spacious rooms with new functionalities were renovated and equipped with modern equipment, which improved the working conditions of the staff.


  • Enea Operator launched a new high voltage line Pakość – Żnin on 1 March. This line replaced the old, worn out 110 kV line built in the early 1960s. Thanks to investments, citizens of Inowrocław and Żnin gained more electricity of a better quality and secure supply.
  • Enea Logistyka was awarded the "Prudent Company" certificate for the second time in recognition of the consistent reduction of receivables default risk and conducting business in accordance with the Code of Good Practice of Prudent Companies.
  • New Odra-Chlebowo high-voltage line was launched. It significantly increased the energy security of the Szczecin agglomeration.
  • Enea conference presenting financial results was held in Warsaw on 21 March. Representatives of the Management Board of Enea and Lubelski Węgiel "Bogdanka" presented the Group's most important priorities for the coming months.
  • The first general test on block 11 was held during which a successful water boiler trial was conducted. Thus, one of the most important stages in the construction of the new 1,065 MW power unit in Kozienice was a success.


  • All Enea clients have access to eCSC. This electronic Customer Service Centre operates everywhere where the Internet is available and allows 2.5 million customers to check the status of invoices, pay bills, make complaints and send inquiries to the company on any matter.
  • Enea Oświetlenie built the first intelligent LED road lighting system in Mieścisko (Wągrowiec district). Modern system controls the lamps on the foot-bike path so that light follows the passerby or cyclist. Thanks to the new solution, the safety and comfort of the citizens will be improved and the district will save on electric charges.
  • Enea Operator appeared at the "Arena of Professionals" education fair in Poznań and "CV 2016. School - Work - Career" in Bydgoszcz at the beginning of April.
  • Enea Wytwarzanie was one of the partners of the 2nd Technical Conference "Maintenance - management, efficiency, renovation" in Katowice.
  • Extraordinary General Meeting of LW Bogdanka adopted amendments to the company's Statute on 12 April. The revised document integrated LW Bogdanka's objectives with the Group's strategy.
  • Amber of the Polish Power Industry for Enea. During the OSE All-Poland Energy Summit in Gdańsk on 20 April a gala ceremony was held during which Amber of the Polish Power Industry was granted. Our company was honoured, for "complementing the value chain with coal assets and thus securing supplies of raw materials to the key investment in the generation segment."


  • Enea was the host of the International Congress of Science and Industry Energia21. The event is considered one of the most important energy conferences in Poland. Speakers discussed the future of coal, energy storage, e-mobility and e-utility. They also dealt with climate policy and strategies for energy sales, its distribution and construction of innovative products and services.
  • Enea Management Board approved the amendment of the Code of Enea Group. It was supplemented by Article 15, which deals with the functioning of companies having the status of a public company within the Group. This change was introduced to better integrate LW Bogdanka and Enea.
  • Enea Wytwarzanie commissioned a new 14.1 MW Baczyna wind farm. The project is located in Lubno in Lubiszyn district (Lubuskie voivodship). The assumed annual generation of electricity will be over 30 thousand MWh. Around 10,000 households needs so much energy. 
  • Enea Oświetlenie pision in Szczecin was awarded the medal of Eng. Kazimierz Szpotański by the Association of Polish Electrical Engineers. The award is granted to companies particularly distinguished for the development of the electrical industry.
  • Enea Oświetlenie was an organizer of "More light" industry fairs in Kołobrzeg. It was the fifth edition of the cities and districts lighting event. The company presented new products during the fair. 
  • The President of the Energy Regulatory Office extended expiry date for the distribution of electricity to Enea Operator. The current was valid until 1 July 2017. New concession is valid until 1 July 2030.


  • Enea, the National Center for Nuclear Research, the Warsaw University of Technology, Energa, PGE and Tauron Polska Energia, signed a letter of intent for joint development, promotion and propagation of electromobility in Poland and the development of industry related to this area. The letter was signed during a presentation by the Ministry of Energy titled “On the road to electromobility” on 7 June.
  • Enea Operator connection portal was launched. The platform is an electronic Customer Service Centre that enables the customer to electronically submit applications, such as defining connection conditions or obtaining information on ensuring electricity supply. 
  • Enea Operator, as the first Operator of the Distribution System in the country, introduced a system for informing customers about cancellation of planned power outages.  Such information can be obtained on the company's website, via a free newsletter or on the Infoline and at 991.
  • Enea Operator introduced an innovative technology in its network to automatically detect faults (short-circuit) and limit their range to where they occurred.


  • Enea Oświetlenie registered office was moved to Szczecin, to the Szczecin branch of the company on 7thJuly.
  • Enea is among the 17 largest Polish companies, which established the Polish National Foundation on 13 July, which will be responsible for promoting the Polish economy, as well as creating a positive image of Treasury-owned companies and their investments in Poland and abroad.


  • Modernization of Pniewy, located in Wielkopolska Transformer Station (GPZ), was completed. The investment will among others provide large reserves needed for the development of the region and will increase energy security for districts: Pniewy, Kuślin, Kwilcz, Chrzypsko Wielkie, Lwówek.


  • We announced the Development Strategy of the Enea Capital Group until 2030. The presentation was held at the Copernicus Science Center in Warsaw.
  • Enea and Polski Holding Nieruchomości established cooperation as far as sale of electricity is concerned. Energy shall be transferred  to more than 500 collection points located on the properties belonging to the Polski Holding Nieruchomości for over 3 years. Enea offer was chosen as the most advantageous in the tender procedure.
  • LW Bogdanka mine was awarded in the Top Employers of Eastern Poland 2016 competition. The awards were granted during the 3rd Eastern Economic Congress in Białystok, which took place on 22-23 September.


  • Enea Wytwarzanie and RAFAKO signed a contract for the construction of a modern flue gas denitrification installation together with the modernisation of electrostatic precipitators in Kozienice Power Plant. The goal of the investment is guaranteeing an over five-fold reduction in the emission of nitric oxides. The completion of the investment is planned for the end of 2018.
  • LW Bogdanka received the main award in the "Industry" category in the 6th edition of "Wprost Innovators" - competition for the most innovative companies in Poland. The winners of "Innovators" are selected on the basis of the author's own - Innovation Research, which verifies expenditures on research, development and investment in innovation and their practical application in business.
  • Enea Operator completed a thorough modernization and officially opened the Main Transformer Station in Pniewy. The investment will increase energy security, among others, in the  Pniewy, Kuślin, Kwilcz and Lwówek districts. 
  • LW Bogdanka received the Main Prize and the Minister of Development Award in the tenth, jubilee edition of the "Social Reports" competition organized by the Responsible Business Forum and Deloitte. The Integrated Report of the 2015 Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka SA Capital Group was awarded.
  • LW Bogdanka received the title of "Industrial Safety Leader" during the International Conference "Risk Engineering Days". This distinction is awarded annually to companies and institutions in Poland, in recognition of achievements and innovations in the field of industrial safety.
  • The new WATTO system was implemented in Enea Pomiary, facilitating the management of the work of the collectors and fitters. The activity of the new application covers about 550 field workers. The system allows for cost efficiency improvement by more than 10%.
  • Enea Operator opened Central Power Dispatch (CDM) in Poznań on 17th October. The Branch Office Dispatch and The Regional Office Dispatch of the Distribution pision in Poznań, which together form the technologically advanced entity, were moved to the new headquarters.


  • Enea won the tender and signed a collective purchase agreement for more than 262 GWh of electricity of 61 entities from Poznań and its vicinity. The tender involved a total of almost 4,000 energy consumption points, and its value is more than PLN 67.6 million.
  • Enea introduced a new offer for clients - Energy + Photovoltaics. It includes comprehensive customer service including auditing and selection of optimum photovoltaic installation.
  • Oracle Polska customers received recognition awards during the Oracle Digital Day 2016 conference. Enea Centrum received the "Best Digital Design" award. This is a confirmation of the very good results of the process management introduction, document digitization and integration of the Enea Group systems.
  • Modernized Customer Service Centers were opened in Inowroclaw, Stargard, Szamotuły and Żary. Modern facilities offer comfortable conditions and efficient service.
  • Enea Wytwarzanie was honoured with a special medal "Pro Masovia" granted by the marshal of Mazowieckie voivodship for the contribution to health care. The Company has been supporting, among others, Kozienice health facility for many years.


  • Enea Consumer Zone Loyalty Program for inpidual clients was launched. This is the first such program that also includes Group employees who are also Enea clients and have an employee tariff.
  • Enea Wytwarzanie signed a contract with GE Power Polska for the modernization of 560 MW turbine units No. 9 and 10 at Kozienice Power Plant. The contract value is PLN 65.5 million net. Completion of the investment is scheduled for May 2018.
  • Enea and Energa concluded an investment agreement to jointly prepare, construct and operate a new 1000 MW MWe coal fired power plant in Ostrołęka. Companies predict that the construction of the Ostrołęka Power Plant will last about 5 years.
  • Enea Operator for the first time in its history simultaneously launched four completely rebuilt Transformer Stations (GPZ). The total value of modernized facilities - Załom, Niemierzyn, Tanowska i Stargard Wschód - is over PLN 32 million. All stations are located in the Zachodniopomorskie voivodship.
  • Enea signed with ENGIE International Holdings B.V., which is the owner of the Połaniec Power Plant, a conditional purchase agreement for 100% of ENGIE Energia Polska shares. The investment is part of the implementation of the new Enea Group Development Strategy. The acquisition of the Połaniec Power Plant will strengthen Enea's position as one of the country's leading electricity generators.
  • "Energetyk" health-resort has a new owner from 2 December.  Enea by concentrating on the core business of the Group concluded an agreement to sell the shares of the hospital in Inowrocław in September. The agreement provides for maintaining the facility's business profile for 24 months.
  • On 28 December, Enea Operator signed, with the Ministry of Energy, the first three contracts for co-financing investments from the EU funds under the Infrastructure and Environment Operational Program until 2020. The value of projects amounts to over PLN 67 million. The obtained funds of nearly PLN 37 million will be allocated to the development of the distribution network, increasing the available connection capacity, among others, for RES generators and prosumers, as well as for increasing energy security.