Clients and Enea products

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Our Clients

Enea SA is responsible for sale of electricity and gas throughout Poland to all sectors of the economy and customer segments, starting from households to the largest manufacturing companies. In order to provide adequate customer relationship standards, we have distinguished the following customer Groups: individual clients (households and SOHO), business clients, key clients, strategic clients and tender clients. On the other hand, Enea Operator - Distribution System Operator (DSO) is the supplier of the energy bought by Enea clients or clients of any other electricity sales company. The DSOs, in accordance with their Compliance Programs, must ensure equal treatment to customers of all sales companies. At the end of the year, we served over 2.5 million customers. Other Group companies that offer other products and services from area of a broadly understood power engineering have their own profiled clients, i.e. for Enea Oświetlenie it is primarily a local, city and a municipality government unit outside of the company's historic area and other public entities acting for the general public.

Our concern consists of a group of companies and each of them has its business partners. A key customer of a part of our companies is an internal customer, i.e. belonging to Enea, such as Enea Serwis or Enea Pomiary.

We are proud of our large, each year growing, group customers for our products.

Main services and products

We generate, distribute and sell electrical and thermal energy – its Enea core business and a great responsibility at the same time. We are aware that the comfort of our customers and on a broader scale the country's energy security depends on our services.

We are still growing, as our results of 2016 prove it, compared to the previous year:

  • Increase of new clients by 23 thousand.
  • Increase of generated electricity by 425 GWh. In January-December 2016, the Group generated 13.6 TWh of electricity (an increase of 3.2% y/y), of which 13.0 TWh came from conventional sources (an increase by 6.0% y/y)
  • Increase of gross heat generation by 188 TJ
  • Sales of distribution services to end users amounted to 18.7 TWh, and increased by 4.5%
  • Enea SA increased its volume of electricity and gas sales to retail customers by 951 GWh and 5.6% y/y.
  • Sales of gas to business customers increased by 465 GWh (55.0% y/y)

A wide offer is our advantage. We put a lot of effort into finding the best offer for household or a company in the Enea Group. We have created attractive products to meet the needs of different customers thanks to additional benefits.

Enea main offer in 2016:

  • Offer for households:
    • Energy + Professional
    • Energy + Health
    • Energy + Photovoltaics
    • Energy + Economical house
    • Energy + Fixed Price

  • Offer for small and medium businesses:
    • Energy + Fixed price
    • Energy + Always cheaper
    • Offer for large companies
    • Energy + Index
    • ENERGY + Professional
    • Dual Fuel


Detailed descriptions of the above offers may be found on our website:

"Dla domu" ("For home") tab 

"Dla firmy" ("For company") tab 

Efficient power supply network

Enea Operator company is responsible for electricity distribution and operates in an area of approximately 58,213 km². It provides access to electricity to the citizens of six voivodships: Wielkopolska, Zachodniopomorskie, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Lubuskie and part of Dolnośląskie and Pomorskie. This is an important task that can only be accomplished with an efficient and secure network.

We have power lines of over 121 301 km (including connections) and 37 629 power stations (as of 31 December 2016). We take care of the reliability of this network by investing in its repairs and, above all, modernization. It is worth mentioning that Enea Operator made investments in the amount of PLN 914 295.6 thousand in 2016. Enea Operator invested in the network, infrastructure to support business, and IT. We don’t stop in this type of investments, because efficient, modern and extensive network is one of the conditions to meet the expectations of our customers and our contribution to the country's energy security.

We’re proud that our indexes of breaks in electricity supply improved compared to 2015 and were as follows:

SAIDI scheduled and unplanned breaks including breaks following disasters (HV, MV) [minutes] 434.07 244.44
SAIFI scheduled and unplanned breaks including breaks following disasters (HV, MV) [pcs.] 5.5 3.85
Number of clients 2 487 023 2 520 175

SAIDI is an average index of systemic long and very long break in electricity supply, determined in minutes per customer.
SAIFI is an average index of systemic frequency of long and very long break in electricity supply.

In the distribution area, indicators that are significant for our clients have improved significantly in 2016:• SAIDI by 44% y/y• SAIFI by 30% y/yOne of our goals until 2025 is SAIDI/SAIFI index at 144 min/1.69.

Compliance with law 


No penalties were imposed on our Group companies in 2016 for the incompliance with law and regulations related with the delivery and use of products and services. We only provided clients with discounts of PLN 310,596. Discounts were mainly related with the quality parameters of electricity and client service standards.

Our priorities

We believe that in Enea we are and we should develop for our clients. The strength of the Enea Group is growing with the increased satisfaction of our customers, and it is for them that we wish to be even more modern and invariably innovative company. The most important for us is:

  • Building long-term relations with customers and positive experiences in relations with committed and motivated employees.
  • Effective offering of products and services tailored to clients' expectations.
  • Launching and developing remote (digital and traditional) sales and client service channels.
  • Visualization and optimization of Client Service Centers to provide customers with modern, functional offices to meet their needs.
  • Continuous improvement and processes automation for better and easier service
  • Development of the Enea Operator connection portal

We completed the following activities for our clients in 2016:

In the area of retail sales:

  • Launching the Customer Loyalty Programme (Purchase Zone)
  • Introduction of new products into the product range for households, e.g. ENERGY+ Photovoltaics and ENERGY+ Professional
  • Widening of the gas product range and implementation of new products for business Customers: ENERGY+ Index and ENERGY+ Professional
  • Customer service quality and satisfaction survey

In the area of customer service:

  • Completion of a migration process of Customer data to the central billing system - CCSS-T, CCSS-D
  • Launching an Electronic Customer Service Centre for all customers
  • Opening a modernised monumental office building with a Customer Service Centre in the centre of Szczecin
  • Modernisation of Customer Service Centres in Inowrocław, Nowa Sól, Piła, Stargard, Szmotuły and Zielona Góra
  • Launching new services for all Enea CG Companies on Enea Group's on-line service
  • The execution of the purchase process of the multi-channel contact centre platform, which will allow for accessing new contact channels by customers

Plans for Customers

We will continue the majority of our projects in 2017 that we’ve undertaken in the past year. As far as initiatives are concerned we shall continue those that improve customer comfort and provide even better service, among others, we plan to:

  • Implement a new analytical system supporting the forecasting and management of the purchase and sales portfolio
  • Introducing new products for households and business clients
  • Customer Satisfaction and Customer Service Monitoring
  • Promotion of new communications and service tools
  • Increase of the scope of service provided through remote contact channels, i.e. increase of the list of issues performed for the client during the first contact
  • Implementation of a new, multichannel contact center platform, which will provide customers with new contact channels
  • Development of new concepts for the operation of customer service areas and settlements   

Innovations and modern solutions for customers

We believe that in relation with the customers one has to constantly strive to improve - it is our duty in return for the trust they give us. Here are some examples of activities that are performed especially for the client:

  • Enea Operator consistently strengthens security of electricity supply in north-western Poland. Innovative technology was introduced in the second quarter of 2016 to automatically detect faults and reduce their range to the point of occurrence. Application of this solution was possible thanks to the company launching another functionality - the SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) dispatcher system, FDIR (Fault Detection, Isolation and Restoration) module, which can "bypass" a damaged fragment of the network.
  • In addition, Enea Operator provided a new functionality on its website allowing customers to obtain information on failures in their area of interest, or to cancel scheduled power cuts. A special tab is available at, which will be available in the event of extensive power failures.
  • Also for our clients, our distribution company launched the Connection Portal. The new platform is an electronic, connection Client Service Centre.
  • Together with the National Center for Nuclear Research, the Warsaw University of Technology, Energa, PGE and Tauron Polska Energia, we signed a letter of intent for joint development, promotion and propagation of electromobility in Poland and the development of industry related to this area. Combining the forces of the power sector and the scientific community is a chance for new innovative services and products that meet the growing expectations of our customers. One of the aims of the project is to promote the use of electric cars.

Customer Opinion

G4-PR5, G4-27

We regularly conduct customer satisfaction surveys in our companies. They are a valuable source of information and a guide for planning activities in the cooperation with clients area.

We conducted the "Customer satisfaction survey of Enea SA against competition" at the turn of 2016 and 2017. The study was performed by a research agency. Its purpose was to determine the level of satisfaction with cooperation with Enea in all customer groups - both individual and business. For the analysis to be complete, the customers of our market competitors were likewise examined in the same way. Over 1,950 Enea clients and nearly 1 050 Clients of other companies in the industry participated in the survey.

The customer satisfaction index (CSI) was 76.52 in the study for Enea. This is a result by 8.69 higher from the last year's survey. Enea assumes continuation and cyclical annual testing of this customer satisfaction index.

A professional research agency completed the "Mystery Client" study in Enea in 2016. The study included audits at Client Service Centers, hotlines, and quality assurance via email. Two key objectives of the study were: to examine quality of client service standards in sales channels and to examine the sales competence of Enea employees. In order to provide background an analogous audit of competing companies was also made.

The survey was completed with an overall score of 66.6%, which means that Enea client service standards were fulfilled at 66.6%, with each channel achieving the following results:

  • Customer Service Centre 64.6%
  • Infoline 71.6%
  • E-mail 76.2%

We plan to continue the cyclical research of the "Mystery Client".

Also Enea Operator participated in the project: "Customer Satisfaction Survey of Power Distribution System Operators (OSD)" in 2016, in which five main Distributor Operators in Poland took part. The research concerned DSO clients who completed one of the processes: network connection, Infoline contact, visit of an electrician, or complaint in 2016. In total, 13,541 interviews with clients of all OSDs were conducted. The level of satisfaction with the five-step scale was as follows: connection 3.94, Infoline 3.97, electrician 4.44 and complaint 3.06.

Recommendations indicated the complaint process as a priority for improvement, highlighted the need to inform about the operating principles and deadlines in each process. It was suggested that the communication with customers should include advantages i.e. image of a strong company, giving a sense of security.

Enea Oświetlenie also conducted a customer satisfaction survey in 2016, which primarily focused on satisfaction with the use of lighting - the main product of the company. The surveyed respondents were representatives of the municipal offices for whom the company provided services, in total 35 entities. Satisfaction of customers in the field of lighting use is 69.7%, which indicates an increase of about 17% compared to 2015.

The annual "Customer satisfaction survey" was conducted also at Enea Pomiary. The results of the survey indicated an improvement (compared to the previous year) of the quality of services provided by the company.

Data security of our customers

We’re obliged to protect clients’ data according to the law that we strictly obey. Due to the importance of this issue, we established a policy in this regard, as well as a number of regulations that help us to effectively handle data security of our clients. Examples of regulations binding in Enea :

  • “Enea Group Security Policy”
  • “Security rules within processing of personal data in the Enea Group”
  • “Instruction of IT system management which processes personal data in the Enea Group”
  • “Rules of information processing in the Enea Group”
  • “IT security rules in the Enea Group”

There is a record guaranteeing protection of customer data in each contract for the sale of energy or other products


Despite of the accumulation of data migration of Enea customers to the central billing system in most locations in the first quarter of 2016, problems with the data were incidental. Only two clients of Enea SA filed a complaint regarding the receipt of other customers' information in the e-mail correspondence. The cause of the error was the failure of the contact center platform. In addition, there was one violation of Enea Operator privacy with no data loss reported.