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Enea provides customers with products and services that are fundamental to functioning in today's world. They have a close relationship with the quality of life of the recipients. As a public utility, we have a special duty towards society - to be reliable. We take care of optimal operation, systematic maintenance and repairs of our infrastructure, but above all we are developing to provide a modern and friendly product.

We generate and supply electricity, heat, illuminate cities and towns, but our ambition is also to play the role of an active and responsible participant in social life. We are connected with north-western Poland for many years now, most of our companies are active in this region, and here we are most involved in our relations with the local community. We also support projects that benefit citizens of the whole country. We participate in a number of initiatives that meet socially important goals through activities of Enea Foundation, the volunteer activity of our employees and realization of our own ideas.

Principles of cooperation with communities

Each activity in our Group is transparent and included in the appropriate procedures and policies. This also makes us effective in the area of cooperation with the social environment. Our actions in this regard are governed by the following documents:

  • Principles of conducting sponsorship activities in companies of the Enea Capital Group
  • Regulations of Communications Management pision in the Enea Group
  • Statute of the Enea Foundation
  • Principles of Employee Volunteering in the Enea Capital Group
  • Rules of handling applications for support in the area of social involvement in Enea SA
  • Enea brand positioning and communication policies
  • Enea Group Communication Strategy
  • Principles of communication with the media in the Enea Group
  • Principles of Crisis Communication in the Enea Group
  • Enea Group Compliance Policy
  • Rules for accepting and giving gifts in the Enea Group

Our fundamental regulations, i.e. the Enea Code of Ethics of the Capital Group and the Code of Values of the Enea Capital Group are also used.

Enea Foundation

We wished our social activities to be conducted in a well thought out, professional manner according to clearly defined rules. That is why, we established Enea Foundation in 2014, which, in accordance with the Act of on April 6, 1984 about foundations and their own statute, accomplishes its goals by:

  • acquiring financial resources for business operations
  • supporting projects and programs consistent with the Foundation's goals: foundations, associations, schools, orphanages, social welfare centers, healthcare entities and other non-economic organizations acting for the benefit of the public
  • conducting activities and promotional campaigns to achieve the Foundation goals
  • supporting the activities of other inpiduals and institutions coinciding with the Foundation's objectives
  • helping inpiduals as direct beneficiaries

The goal of our Foundation is to support and promote activities defined in the Statute in the seventeen articles. They may be pided into main areas, which we think, require our support and attention:

Three companies of the Group: Enea SA, Enea Operator Sp. z o.o. and Enea Wytwarzanie Sp. z o.o. on the basis of donation agreements, provided to the Enea Foundation financial means in the total amount of PLN 675,000.00 for the purpose of carrying out statutory activities and administrative service in 2016. On the other hand, Enea Logistyka Sp. z o.o. donated electrical materials worth PLN 966.61 in the form of donations.

Enea Foundation, provided support of PLN 628 670.43 according to 51 agreements in 2016. We particularly focused on education and science (37% of signed donation agreements), health promotion and active living (27% of signed donation agreements), culture and arts development (22% of signed donation agreements) and initiatives supporting development of local communities. Our beneficiaries included entities acting for the sake of social goods, as well as Enea employees, who were in a health or life threatening situation. Enea Foundation is the only entity in the Enea Group that provides support for social purposes.

More sport at school

We developed the "ENEA Sport Academy" in 2016, a program prepared for children and young people from four voivodships belonging to the distribution area of the Enea Group. Within the program:

  • 73 schools from voivodships: Wielkopolska, Lubuskie, Kujawsko-Pomorskie and Zachodniopomorskie were covered by the Academy actions
  • 3 100 children took advantage of sports activities (extra-curricular activities or organized at on-site sport partner clubs)

"Enea Mini Volleyball League" is a part of the "Enea Sport Academy" project which aims to promote physical activity among children and young people. Within the program the following activities were held:

  • 8 Elimination Tournaments
  • 1 "Enea Mini Cup" final tournament

During each tournament there were approximately 570 matches of „two’s”, „three’s” and „four’s”.

Initially, the aim of the tournament was mostly to have fun. The league changed it. Competitions included several rounds. Classification was introduced in each age category. Thanks to this, aside from having fun, there is an element of good, sports competition. "Enea Mini Volleyball League" consisted of eight rounds. In each round boys and girls from primary schools IV-VI class competed on the floor of the Poznań Arena sports hall. The purpose of the action was to create a training pyramid that would educate children and young people at all levels and systematically bring the most talented players to the senior teams.

Since September 2016 the following took part in the project:

  • 30 primary schools from the city of Poznań
  • 1,000 participants in volleyball categories, „two’s”, „three’s” and „four’s”.
  • 148 teams of "two’s"
  • 78 teams of "three’s"
  • 42 teams of "four’s"

Enea Mini Cup 2017 Grand Final was held on 25 May 2017 - see how it looked.

More about the project is on the Sports Academy ENEA profile on the social network.

Support of rescue system in Enea

Enea Foundation supported a project aimed at training of Enea employees within a comprehensive use of rescue equipment in May 2016. Training included the use of semiautomatic defibrillators (AEDs) in which all the buildings of the Enea Group are equipped. Course was led by teams of volunteers - rescuers. 47 employees from our locations in Zielona Góra, Gorzów, Bydgoszcz and Szczecin were trained.


Like every year, Enea Group is involved in social life of numerous events as a sponsor and patron. By running sponsorship projects we build our brand awareness, gain recognition from our clients as initiators and active participants of initiatives significant to local communities, and by gaining trust, also potential clients. Furthermore, we support realization of the Group's business objectives.

Enea SA implemented 27 sponsorship projects in more than 600 places in Poland in 2016. 4, 5 million participants took part in the events supported by us.

Here are our main sponsorship projects:

SPORT sponsorship

  • Enea Challenge Poznań, Enea Tri Tour series of competitions, Herbalife Ironman 70.3 Gdynia - We are the most active triathlon sponsor in Poland - a dynamically developing discipline, which is getting increasingly popular year by year, providing direct access to both athletes and sports fans.

Enea Challenge – Night run 2016

  • Polski Cukier Muszynianka Enea - We are a titular sponsor of the women's volleyball team of the Orlen League, supported by more than 24,000 fans.
  • Stelmet Zielona Góra -We supported as a main sponsor, the best male basketball team in Poland. The club also played in European competitions.
  • Enea AZS Poznań - The project included the support of the children's and youth section and the senior team of AZS Poznań basketball players.

CULTURE sponsorhip

  • Enea Patron of Grand Theater in Poznań - We are a patron of one of the most important theaters in Poznań, where 140 000 spectators saw performances in 2016.

Enea announced the sponsorship continuation of the Teatr Wielki in Poznań for the 2016/2017 artistic season in September 2016  after the premiere of Giuseppe Verdi's Macbeth on the basis of Shakespeare's tragedy.

  • Enter Enea Festival - We were involved in sponsoring of a festival popularizing the highest quality jazz music, whose artistic director is Leszek Możdżer.
  • Enea Spring Break - This is the biggest festival for debuting artists from the country and Europe, during which 100 artists had a chance to perform. 
  • International Violin Competition of Henryk Wieniawski - 40 violinists from 20 countries took part in the competition, and live concerts were attended by more than 10,000 guests.
  • "Eagle and the Cross” outdoor historical spectacle -this is the largest historical outdoor event in Poland, which gathered 13 000 spectators in 2016.

Historical spectacle "Eagle and Cross" – from the legend about Lech, Czech and Rus, through the beginnings of the Polish state.

  • Events as part of the celebration of Baptism of Poland

Celebrations of the 1050th anniversary of the Baptism of Poland at the Poznan stadium.

CSR projects that strengthen relations with community

  • Enea Academy of Sport (project implemented jointly with the Enea Foundation)
  • KS Basket Piła
  • Dragons Pniewy
  • Volleyball giants
  • Air picnic in Mirosławiec and Poznań

Show of a precision flight in formation performed by  "Orlik"Acrobatic Team 

  • "Energy + Sparkling Emotions" Project - illuminations and events organized on ice rinks in cities throughout Poland
  • World Youth Day in Kraków
  • "Polish Art Circles in China" - support for the Polish culture promotion