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We are willing to share our knowledge by taking advantage of many best professionals in our profession. We organize and participate in conferences and other industry meetings:

  • We were the host of the International Congress of Science and Industry Energia21., which took place in Poznań on 10-11 May in 2016. The event is considered one of the most important energy conferences in Poland. Participants raised problems in the panels faced by the industry every day. Speakers discussed the future of coal, energy storage, e-mobility and e-utility. They also dealt with climate policy and strategies for constructing innovative products and services.
  • The Energy Congress21 was held under the Energy Future Week and the parallel energy trade fair Green Power and Expo Power. Our company once again presented itself in one of the pavilions of the Poznań Fair.
  • We were co-organizers of the "Future with energy, energy with the future" competition, which was accompanied by Energi@21 congress. The project of two students from the Poznań University of Life Sciences is an innovative way of producing energy from hydrogen and biogas in modern dairies. There were 39 participants competing. Students from different universities from all over the country presented scientific papers according to their own ideas. Evaluation of the work was based on the usefulness of the proposed solutions, as well as innovation, creativity and the fastest possible implementation time. As a result, the jury awarded first and second prizes and three awards. Winners received cash prizes.
  • During the "More Lights" Fair organized in Kołobrzeg in June 2016 we presented a full comprehensive service. Under this panel, we educated local government representatives in the context of current and emerging energy solutions introduced to the market.
  • Modern carbon technologies were the subject of the first meeting organized within the Enea Wytwarzanie Technical Days. Energy experts and industry representatives discussed coal gasification and liquefaction at the beginning of May in Warsaw.
  • During the Economic Forum in Krynica in September, partner of which was Enea, participated more than 3,000 people from over 50 countries. The forum consisted of more than 180 discussion panels, lectures and debates. Polish and European politicians, officials, entrepreneurs and economists were among special guests.
    During Forum Enea and Polski Holding Nieruchomości established cooperation as far as sale of electricity is concerned. Energy shall be transferred to more than 500 collection points located on the properties belonging to the Polski Holding Nieruchomości for over 3 years, i.e. until 31 December 2019. Thanks to the established co-operation Polski Holding Nieruchomości will save on purchased electricity and Enea shall gain a large and stable client.
  • The Eco Energy Summit, organized in Rzeszów in October, is one of the most important economic events involving opinion leaders, representatives of the central administration and self-governments, as well as a wide range of specialists and executives of the most significant energy companies. Congress was held under the slogan "Safety first and foremost - Polish power industry at the stage of transformation", which was an opportunity not only for discussing present but also future challenges but most of all future changes in the energy sector.
  • 3rd National Energy Law Competition was held for students and graduates up to the age of 27 in Poznań on 16 April 2016.The National Conference on Energy Law was held on the day before the Final Gala of the competition and was entitled "Legal regulations on renewable energy sources in Poland and in Germany".
  • Enea was a partner of the Warsaw Academy of Energy and the New Energy Forum for the third time already. The event was organized by the Leslaw Paga Foundation. This is an annual educational project aimed at those who see their future in the energy industry. The aim of the project is to create a knowledge sharing platform between experienced energy industry practitioners and people starting their career in the industry. Enea representative ran workshops for students on innovation in power industry. Students and graduates of such directions like economics, law, finance and technical universities who were under the age of 27 took part in the Forum.
  • Enea was the main partner of the Forum for Freedom and Development, during which the most important assumptions of the “Strategy for Poland” were presented. During the Forum, 12 thematic panels were held, with the participants formulating more than 30 substantive conclusions, which were communicated to representatives of the government and other authorities.
  • Enea together with Enea Trading became a strategic partner of the "Modeling the energy market" competition for the President of the Enea Management Board Award organized by Poznań University of Economics (UE) and the Adam Mickiewicz (UAM) University in Poznań for students of the Faculty of Informatics and Electronic Economy of the EU and the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of the Adam Mickiewicz University. The aim of the competition was to popularize the issue of the energy market functioning and to familiarize students with the specifics of the analyst's work in this area. The award ceremony took place at the EU headquarters in April 2017.

A special registration platform for students was launched on the competition website

Final of the second edition of the "Modeling the energy market" competition in May 2017.

  • Enea was a partner of the 25th edition of the EuroPOWER Energy Conference - one of the most important events in the energy sector in Poland. The conference discussed the most important changes taking place in the industry right now, thus responding to the challenges posed by the Polish energy sector. EuroPOWER has become a platform for dialogue and, above all, a place for public consultation of government representatives with all industry representatives and co-operating sectors.
  • We took part in the XIII Congress of the New Industry 2016 - Energetics, gas, fuel in Warsaw, one of the most important economic events in our country, devoted to the strategic changes taking place in the Polish energy sector. During the Congress, NEW IMPULSE awards were granted. 80 panelists took part in the event, 10 thematic sessions took place, 800 guests participated.

Mirosław Kowalik the President of Enea Management Board was one of the panelists of the New Industry Congress 

  • Enea was a partner of KONGRES 590 - a forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences of Polish specialists from the business, science, policy and legislation area. The name of the event derives from the bar code prefix, which is placed on the goods produced or distributed by Polish companies.
  • Enea Wytwarzanie was also one of the partners of the 2nd Technical Conference "Maintenance - management, efficiency and renovation" in Katowice.

Our Prosumer Client

One of our offers is definitely educational and customer-conscious. We prepared a new Energy + Photovoltaic package. Photovoltaic panels are used to directly convert solar energy into electricity. By using them, the customer gets his own source of energy, constantly using our services and professional advice - he becomes Prosumer.

Energy + Photovoltaics includes location audit (professionals analyze site technical conditions at no additional cost), photovoltaic installation, support for financing and full service, including post-warranty. Professionals also calculate the rate of return of this solar investment for customers. Currently the offer is addressed to customers from the Enea distribution area. Details of the offer are available at the website.

We warn against fraud

We took part in the campaign organized by the Association of Energy Trading as part of the second edition of nationwide information and education campaign warning against dishonest energy sellers in 2016. The project was addressed to clients of the 60+ age group, and supplemental to clients of the above 30 years age. The campaign was conducted with the participation of all companies in the industry. Patronage over the action was taken by the Energy Regulatory Office and the Consumer Federation.

Slogan from the previous edition: "Choose wisely" was supplemented with the message: "Don’t guess - check who is selling energy to you".

Karol Strasburger was the face of the third edition of a nationwide educational and information campaign "Don’t guess - check who is selling energy to you"

The campaign was carried out throughout Poland from 14 November 2016 to 31 December 2016 in four communication channels - press, radio, internet and outdoor. In the spirit of this campaign, we run our own activities - we warn Enea's customers against fraudulent practices and encourage careful consideration of all contracts and offers.

We take care of safety

Enea Operator launched information campaign related with the security in the vicinity of energy infrastructure. "We take care of your safety. You also should care about it! ". Police, Fire Brigade and PTPiREE - a professional association of energy operators are partners of the action. The idea behind the campaign is to educate both children and adults how to act and what to avoid in the vicinity of energy infrastructure. For the needs of the action, four animated educational spots, competitions for pupils and safety demonstrations by Enea volunteers were held.Details of the action are available at the website

Children were the main characters of the "We take care of your safety. You also should care about it! information campaign.

See the inauguration of the information campaign 

Other forms of contact with the client and education

Our companies, through various communication channels, not only expand our customers' knowledge of our products and services but also educate them about energy security, innovation in our industry, and inform about events organized by Enea. We contact clients through:

  • individual conversations with our specialists, i.e. MPEC Bialystok employees provide clients with information on how to minimize their energy consumption or how to heat their homes
  • local and industry press
  • information leaflets, magazines, spots
  • product training
  • trade fairs and other business meetings in which we participate

Enea Group stand at Bielsko-Biała International Power Trade Fair ENERGETAB

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