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Tight emission standards

G4-DMA. How the organization manages the "Emissions" Aspect.

According to the EU directive on the industrial emissions (IED), more stringent emission standards have been introduced from 1 January 2016.
However, the new law provides the possibility of delaying their application in the form of a derogation mechanism - Transitional National Plan (PPK) which is in force until 30 June 2020. PPK provides the possibility of aggregate settlement of limits within the group. Consequently, the Kozienice Power Plant accounts for with the Bialystok Thermal Power Station as it regards SO2 and dust limits. In addition, Kozienice Power Station benefits from the derogation of the Treaty of Accession on the NOx emission standard (valid until 31 December 2017).

By taking into account all analyzes and investment carried out, we don’t expect any unit shutdown in Enea Wytwarzanie due to tightened emission standards. All power units will be fully modernized and will also meet new emission standards.

B11 unit at Kozienice Power Plant


Emission rate of carbon dioxide in the companies from the generation segment [Mg]*

 CO2 emissions [Mg]Emission rate
Enea Wytwarzanie 12 372 636 872 kg/MWh (Świerże Górne); 190 kg/MWh and 62 kg/GJ (Białystok)
MPEC Białystok 5434 0.098 Mg/GJ
PEC Oborniki 14274.40 -
MEC Piła 82 481 88.05 kg/GJ
PEC Zachód not applicable not applicable

*Significant decrease of CO2 emission in MPEC Białystok results from a significantly lower amount of coal burnt (16827.13 Mg in 2015 vs. 2500.41 Mg)



Emission of sulphur and nitrogen oxides in 2016 [Mg]*

CompanyNox emissionDust emissionSO2 emission
Enea Wytwarzanie 14812   10833
MPEC Białystok* 4 3 1
PEC Oborniki 26.27   33.63
MEC Piła 107.38   155.90

*Significant decrease of CO2 emission in MPEC Białystok results from a significantly lower amount of coal burnt (16827.13 Mg in 2015 vs. 2500.41 Mg)

Pollutant concentration in Kozienice Power Plant in 2016:

  • SOx lower by 71% than the acceptable concentration
  • NOx lower by 23% than the acceptable concentration
  • Dust lower by 83% than the acceptable concentration

What have we done to limit our emissions in 2016?

  1. We rebuilt the district heating network to reduce energy losses in Białystok (we exchanged about 2.5 km of network) and modernized 44 district heating substations.
  2. We completed the modernization of through-flow parts WP, SP, NP and other turbine parts, together with revitalization of the bodies and valve chambers WP and SP of block no.5 of 200 MW in Świerże Górne. The modification of the through-flow part of block 5 resulted in a reduction of a unit heat consumption by a turbine set of about 140 kJ/kWh. This reduces the amount of carbon used for the generated unit of energy and thus reduces the emission of pollutants into the atmosphere. In addition, the block capacity increased by 3 MW.
  3. We completed the catalytic flue gas denitrification installation (SCR) for blocks 4 and 5 in Świerże Górne. We plan to build SCR installations on other blocks in the next few years. Catalytic flue gas denitrification installation for 200 MW boilers (OP-650) no. 1-8 and 500MW (AP-1650) no. 9 and 10 installed in Enea Wytwarzanie Sp. z.o.o. aims to reduce NOx emissions from the current level of 500 mg /m3 to a level of ≤ 100 mg/m3 NOx (understood as the sum of nitrogen oxides per NO2 at 6% of O2 in dry exhaust), in the range of 50 - 100% of the maximum sustainable efficiency and burning of primary fuel and biomass co-firing in weight fraction not higher than 10%.
  4. We have been working on the installation of flue gas desulphurisation plant no. 5 for the power unit no. 11 in Świerże Górne.
  5. Construction of flue gas semi-dry desulphurisation plant on K7 and K8 boilers in Heat and Power plant in Białystok.