Employee volunteering

We are proud to be working with people of exceptional sensitivity who are not indifferent to the problems of their closest surroundings. Our employees work on projects that meet specific needs. We have been supporting the voluntary social engagement of the Group employees through the employee volunteering program from 2011.

Enea volunteers spent 171 hours of social work for 5 867 beneficiaries in 2016.

Competence volunteering

We run two programs where our employees - volunteers share their expertise and skills by providing trainings, also for children and young people. We have continued the issues we started over the past year, the rules for safe electricity use and the first aid. We believe that promoting knowledge and practical skills in these topics is extremely important and socially desirable for the safety of us all.

About our volunteering programs:

  • „First aid – premedical rescue” – program targeted at all age groups. Our volunteers explain how to properly behave in a situation where someone's health or life is threatened. During training, participants practice methods of providing help in a variety of situations, such as fainting, accidents, etc. by using equipment and professional teaching aids. 4,670 beneficiaries benefited from this program during 160 hours of volunteer work in 2016. The program is conducted mainly in schools, kindergartens, at festivals and during promotional events with participation of Enea Group.

Pre-medical rescuers during the show in the Ceradz Kościelny

  • „Electricity is not so terrible” – program prepared for preschool and early school children. During one lesson children will learn about the sources of energy (traditional and renewable) and the hazards of improper use of electrical appliances. Volunteers teach children how to behave in a dangerous situation, whom to call, what not to do. Group of 1 197 children in 26 hours benefited from the program last year.

Children's Day Picnic - Warsaw Gardens of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister in Warsaw


Action volunteering

Our volunteers are equally willing to engage in social activities and support one-off actions. They help during collections, festivals, tours and with all kinds of special events.

Children's Day Picnic - Warsaw Gardens of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister in Warsaw