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Enea Group

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We are a leading entity in the Polish electricity market. We manage a full value chain: from fuel acquisition, through generation, distribution, sale of energy and other electricity-related products and services. Every day, we safely supply 2.5 mln clients.

Enea Operator manages a distribution network in the north-western part of Poland.

We employ 15.7 thousand employees who create an innovative mining and energy group - Enea Group. These include two important system power plants: Kozienice Power Plant and Połaniec Power Plant. Furthermore, LW "Bogdanka" is a mine, which is the main supplier of raw materials to our power plants. We also operate in the field of thermal power in the plants in Bialystok, Oborniki and Piła. Our seat is in Poznań.

LW "Bogdanka" - the most efficient and modern coal mine in Poland

Połaniec Power Plant with a capacity of ca. 1.9 GW

Kozienice Power Plant 

By implementing our key strategic goals, we make sure that our development is stable and sustainable, and that our solutions translate directly to innovation and competitiveness improvement of the Polish economy. This report is a summary of our most important activities and achievements, illustrating our contribution to the development of the environment from which we originate and in which we operate. We wish you a pleasant reading.

Segments of our business operations 


  • Production of bituminous coal
  • Sale of bituminous coal
  • Securing the base of resources for the Group


  • Generation of electricity based on bituminous coal, biomass, gas, wind, water and biogas
  • Heat generation 
  • Heat transmission and distribution
  • Trade in electricity


  • Electricity supply
  • Planning and guaranteeing the extension of the distribution network
  • Exploitation, maintenance and renovations of the distribution network 
  • Metering data management


Retail sales:
  • Trade in electricity and gas on the retail market
  • Range of products and services adjusted to customer needs
  • Comprehensive client service
Wholesale trading:
  • Electricity and gas wholesale contract portfolio optimisation
  • Operations on product markets
  • Guaranteeing access to wholesale markets

Our modern company achieved the following results in 2016:

  • 9 038 thsd tons - net coal production
  • 13 567 GWh - electricity generation
  • 18 741 GWh - sale of distribution services to final customers
  • 17 989 GWh - sales of electricity and gas to retail customers


Enea Operator distribution network covers 20% of the country and about 9% of electricity generated in Poland in 2016 comes from our units:

  • Kozienice Power Plant
  • Białystok Heat and Power Plant, MEC Piła, PEC Oborniki, PEC Zachód, MPEC Białystok
  • Wind farms: Bardy, Darżyno, Baczyna
  • 21 hydroelectric power plants: Koronowo, Tryszczyn, Smukała, Żur 1 and 2, Gródek, Rejowice, Likowo, Trzebiatów I, Trzebiatów II, Płoty, Prusinowo, Kamienna, Bledzew, Gucisz, Międzylesie, Podgaje, Jastrowie, Ptusza, Dobrzyca, Piła Koszyce, Oborniki
  • Biogas power plants: Gorzesław, Liszkowo


Our business activities related to generation, distribution and trade are supported by the Shared Services Centre that handles human resources, finance and accounting, IT, logistics, legal services and client service.