Health and safety

G4-LA6, G4-DMA

Health and safety

We conduct business activity that requires from us a special approach to health and safety at work. We’re responsible for our employeesand we treat this task very seriously. We operate in accordance with generally applicable regulations such as health and safety laws and regulations, but we also have a number of our internal guidelines.

Important documents and regulations relating to safety and health at work (in each of our companies the following documents are in force, some of them in a version that is adjusted to the company’s profile):

  • Work regulations (including detailed regulations, e.g. for safe working on electrical equipment)
  • Occupational health and safety procedures
  • Job instructions
  • Rules and instructions for operational activities
  • Operating instructions for facilities and equipment
  • Fire safety procedures
  • Detailed training procedures
  • Occupational risk assessment and documentation (e.g. risk assessment cards for specific job positions)
  • PN-N-18002:2011 – health and safety management system - general guidelines for occupational risk assessment
  • Procedures defining the principles of OSH cooperation between the company and the Contractor (binding for example in Enea Operator)
  • Standardization of equipment (e.g. power stations)
  • Hazardous and emergency procedures

Use of the Live Work Procedure (LWP Procedure) is particularly important for the safety of Employees and their contractors in the case of Enea Operator. It is a prerequisite for cooperation to obtain a LWP Certificate, which entitles to work on equipment belonging to the company.

Each company in our Group manages occupational health and safety issues separately. Dedicated specialists who usually work in specially established for that purpose departments are responsible for those issues, e.g..:

  • Enea Operator - dedicated OHS position in the company's Management Board - Vice President of the Labour Safety
  • Enea Centrum - BHP team (two specialists and manager)
  • Enea Logistyka - OHS specialist is assisted by the Social Labour Inspector
  • Enea Oświetlenie - Office of Labour Protection, additionally assisted by the OSH Specialist on the area of Enea Branch in Szczecin,
  • Enea Pomiary - Occupational risk assessment team (two specialists and inspector)
  • Enea Serwis - Health and Safety Office (four specialists and manager)
  • MEC Piła - employee of the Health and Safety Service supports the Company Social Labour Inspector
  • MEC Bialystok - Committee on Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Health and Safety actions and initiatives

Part of our activities in the field of health and safety result primarily from the requirements of applicable law. We meet the following obligations:

  • hazards identification and occupational risk assessment,
  • monitoring of working conditions e.g. inspections and reviews of occupational health and safety requirements,
  • corrective and preventive actions in the health and safety area (e.g. enforcement of use of personal protective equipment by employees)
  • health and safety trainings, (initial, periodic, on-the-job)
  • internal communication in the health and safety area
  • identification and implementation of legal requirements related with occupational health and safety, (Labour Code and Rules of Procedure).

We take various initiatives in these areas. Furthermore, we try to creatively address the subject and offer our crew more than just the minimum required by law.

Total number of injuries and injury rate in 2016

CompanyNumber of injuriesInjury frequency rate*
Enea Centrum sp. z o.o. 4 3.03
Enea Logistyka sp. z o.o. 2 11.9
Enea Operator sp. z o.o. 30 7
Enea Oświetlenie sp. z o.o. 0 0
Enea Pomiary sp. z o.o. 0
Enea Serwis sp. z o.o. 15 26.46
Enea Trading sp. z o.o. 1 0.012
Miejska Energetyka Cieplna Piła sp. z o.o. 1 7.69
Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej sp. z o.o. in Białystok 1 3.97
Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej sp. z o.o. in Oborniki 0 0
Enea Wytwarzanie sp. z o.o. 14 6.18
Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej „Zachód” sp. z Białystok 4 31.25

** Injury frequency rate is calculated on the basis of occupational accidents, i.e.:

Ww injury frequency rate = number of accidents at work in a given period / number of employees X 1000.

"0" - is the reported data, meaning that the phenomenon doesn’t occur.


Let the scale and number of actions undertaken in 2016 prove that:


  • on occupational health and safety at integration trips (PEC Zachód)
  • First Aid for all our companies, e.g. in Enea Wytwarzanie further 44 employees were trained in 2016
  • specialist training of employees in the field of electrical equipment exploitation (Enea Operator)
  • training for physical workers and managers who, in connection with their work, are or may be exposed to asbestos dust
  • "Qualified First Aid and getting a title of a rescuer" course was attended by 20 people in Enea Wytwarzanie


  • creating ergonomic workstations by equipping employees with footrests, seats with armrests, pads helping to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome (Enea Centrum, Enea Oświetlenie)
  • taking care of the workplaces: repairs, refreshing (Enea Oświetlenie)
  • providing modern personal protective equipment i.e. anti-vibration gloves and dielectric hearing protectors for helmets (Enea Serwis)
  • modernization of office air-conditioning (MEC Piła)
  • replacement of lighting in workplaces, to those that give light which is closer to daylight (PEC Oborniki)

Purchase and modernization of security equipment and tools

  • purchase of autonomous external defibrillators AED (for three Enea Centrum locations: Szczecin, Gorzów Wielkopolski, Poznań)
  • equipping the brigade of installation electricians with safety equipment, improving work safety and replacing security equipment for elevation work (Enea Oświetlenie)
  • purchase of additional medicine cabinets (Enea Oświetlenie) and adding Aqua Gel that helps with burns (Enea Centrum)
  • professional insect repellents given to employees working outside during increased insect activity, e.g. ticks (Enea Oświetlenie and Enea Serwis)

Health and safety education

  • distribution among employees of press articles on OSH topics (Enea Logistyka)
  • Enea Serwis released the first issue of the Health and Safety information bulletin. "Occupational Health and Safety Office informs". The newsletter is published twice a month, and its purpose is to provide information on the current situation in the field of occupational safety and health. The bulletin is sent to all mailboxes of the company’s employees and printed and posted on all OHS boards in regions and departments.
  • distribution of posters and brochures of the National Labour Inspectorate and the Office of Technical Inspection related with safety (Enea Serwis)

Conferences, events and competitions

  • Live working conference on 29-30 September 2016 organized by Enea Operator
  • employees participation in competitions promoting safety, also organizing such competitions internally
  • deepening employee safety knowledge through participation in various external trainings, conferences, conventions and seminars (Enea Wytwarzanie)

Development of instruction and analysis of legal changes

  • development of a new Occupational Risk Assessment covering the specificities, issues and hazards of handling warehouses and communicating this assessment (Enea Logistyka) and developing and implementing new risk assessment cards for the 7 positions in the company (Enea Pomiary)
  • introduction of new technologies during exploitation of electrical equipment - live works (Enea Operator)
  • development and implementation of a reporting procedure of work accidents (Enea Pomiary)
  • implementation of rules for carrying out general OSH instruction for people employed by the Temporary Employment Agency (Enea Pomiary)
  • development of a list of harmful factors for medical referrals for all 574 Employees of the Company (Enea Serwis)
  • continuous improvement of the "Central Registry of Incompliance" program and implementation of reported by the employees incompliances (Enea Wytwarzanie)


  • There were 74 inspections carried out in in Enea Serwis in 2016 with respect to compliance with the rules and conditions of occupational health and safety at construction sites. Relevant protocols were drafted.
  • Detailed inspections were carried out in 18 organizational units in Enea Wytwarzanie. 28 reports on health and safety inspection of external companies and Enea Wytwarzanie employees were drafted and 17 inspections of modernization and investment works were carried out. In addition, health and safety inspections are carried out on the construction of block 11.
  • annual inspection of fire equipment and the fire alarm system (Enea Wytwarzanie)
  • verification of the equipment and systems insulation (Enea Wytwarzanie)

Medical rescue in Enea

The pre-medical rescue program was a grass-roots initiative of Enea employees. We have been aware for a long time that in the event of a casualty, other employees will be the fastest and best of all. That is why, we established a program of expanded first-aid training almost seven years ago, which we provided to all employees. Trained persons receive the title of pre-medical rescue coordinators, and some of them are qualified as a medical rescuers. Our employees consider the knowledge acquired to be very important, hence they wish to share it. As a result, we included pre-medical rescue services in the Enea Employee Volunteering Program. Since 2010 we have already trained 33,000 people, spending 800 hours on our trainings.

"Practical rescue knowledge should be systematically repeated so that it may be used when needed. We see a lot of interest and involvement during the classes. Employees are well aware of the importance of first aid, "stresses Wiktor Kubacki, rescue coordinator who runs the training.

Employees health

We encourage our employees to take care of their health by promoting health and disease prevention. There is a sport spirit in our Group, because it is an active lifestyle that is an ally in maintaining good condition. We support our employees through a number of initiatives, including:

  • Enabling employees to use preventive medical examinations (required by law and additional, such as professors' advice, specialist examinations)
  • Preventive actions for employees and their family members, e.g. human influenza vaccine, (we actively encourage them to use it under the " Flu Action”) the study of tumor markers
  • Employees' participation in sport events organized by the Group, e.g. Business Run
  • Rental of a sports hall for trainings of a football team
  • Employee participation in amateur races and football competitions