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A majority of investment outlays, exactly 51%, was allocated to generation segment in 2016. This is connected with the realization of our key initiative.

The construction of block 11, which is a new block of 1,075 MWe at Kozienice Power Plant, is an investment already completed in 98 % (as of May 2017). The Europe's largest power unit will launched in 2017.

See a spot from the construction of a new block of Kozienice Power Plant from spring 2017


The most important information:

  • The block will generate about 6 TWh of net energy per year and its capacity shall amount to 1075 MW
  • Energy from Kozienice shall go to every nineth Pole
  • The new block will prolong the operation of the power plant by at least 40 years
  • 13% of Polish energy will come from Kozienice
  • A pressure test of the boiler was carried out at a load of 513 ba in April 2016

2016 is also a very intensive period for Enea Operator in terms of investment. The company allocated over PLN 900 million for this purpose, out of which more than PLN 300 million for investment in the power network in the Poznań unit.

Enea Operator finalized five projects of strategic importance to Wielkopolska: the Sieraków power station and four high voltage lines. Furthermore, it signed by 15% more contracts to connect new customers to the network than in the previous year.

Other key investments accomplished by Enea in 2016 in the following areas


  • Execution of 23.8 km of new excavations
  • Completion of drilling works by research holes of "Ostrów " area and acquisition of the right to use the geological information of this deposit
  • Completion of the construction of the installation and all the objects of the central air conditioning of Bogdanka field
  • Optimization of direct production costs and investment outlays


  • Continuation of the construction of flue gas desulphurisation plant on K7 and K8 boilers
  • Installation of the catalytic denitrification of flue gases (SCR): unit no. 1-2, 5-7 – commissioning; units no. r 4 and 8 –continuation; units no 9-10 – signing contract with the contractor
  • Construction of industrial waste and rainwater treatment


  • Significant improvement of indicators for planned and unplanned interruptions in 2016: SAIDI - by 44% y /y; SAIFI - by 30% y /y
  • Improvement of the connection processes
  • Completion of the realisation of a range of investments on medium and high voltage, among others, construction and reconstruction of 7 Main Transformer Stations
  • Development of information tools supporting the grid management


Sales and client service:

  • Launching the Customer Loyalty Programme (Purchase Zone)
  • Introduction of new products into the product range for households, e.g. ENERGY+ Photovoltaics and ENERGY+ Professional
  • Completion of a migration process of Customer data to the central billing system
  • Launching an Electronic Customer Service Centre for all Customers

Wholesale trade:

  • Development and implementation of a model of long-term price paths for products listed on wholesale markets

We plan to invest about PLN 2.7 billion in 2017.

Selected investment projects in 2017 are


  • Obtaining mining license for Ostrów deposit
  • Modernisation and renovations of machinery and equipment (purchase, modernization, assembly of new machines and equipment)
  • Performance of new excavations and modernisation of the existing ones
  • Extension of the plant for mining waste neutralisation in Bogdanka
  • Continuation of works related to the "Production management integrated system" and "Smart solutions mine" project


  • In the system power plant segment: completion of block 11 and modernization of units no. 3 and 8 and 10
  • In heat segment: construction of flue gas desulphurisation plant on K7 and K8 boilers
  • In RES segment: searching for bargain investment and acquisition projects


  • Construction of GPZ Choszczno II and GPZ Recz
  • Construction of Garaszewo Transformer Station and construction of 110 kV Kromolice - Nagradowice, Kromolice - Gądki, Kromolice - Swarzędz lines
  • Implementation of smart grid solution development programme (AMI)
  • Implementation of a programme enhancing network reliability
  • Implementation of the Network Information System project
  • Implementation of the system of digital operator communications in TETRA standard


Area of retail sales:

  • Development of the Customer Loyalty Programme (Purchase Zone)
  • Implementation of the analytic system aiding the sale-purchase portfolio management and projection
  • Introduction of new products for households and business customers
  • Customer service quality and satisfaction monitoring
  • Promoting new service and communication tools

Area of client service:

  • Optimisation of Client Service Centres, visualisation of selected Offices
  • Higher quality and scope of services by remote contact channels ( among others, as a result of increasing the catalogue of customer matters realised by first contact)
  • Implementation of a new multi-channel contact centre platform, launching of which will provide customers with new contact channels
  • Development of new concepts of customer service operation and settlement support areas and preparation of the implementation plan

Area of wholesale trade:

  • Adjustment to the changes resulting from increasing generation assets in Enea Group as regards the improvement of tools and methods of portfolio management and hedging positions within the whole added value chain
  • Development of the fundamental model of long-term price paths for bituminous coal
  • Development of tools supporting distributed generation in relation to the changes in the renewable energy sources support mechanisms which enter into force after 1 January 2018
  • Contract agreement of generation fuel supply for planned energy generation for 2018