Letter of the President of the Management Board of Enea SA


Dear Sirs,

I am delighted to provide you with the "Enea Group Sustainable Development Report for 2016".

Our times are full of diverse, global challenges, including sustainable development. The Polish government adopted the Responsible Development Plan at the beginning of 2016, which is a set of measures to stimulate development of our country, allowing effective implementation of Strategy for the Responsible Development.

Developed by us the Enea Group Development Strategy directly matches these documents as well as to the global trends set by the United Nations.
Our Strategy responds to the assumptions of the governmental plan, enhancing the innovation and development of the Polish economy. We have devoted a lot of effort to sustainable development – as such we wish to emphasize that corporate social responsibility is a part of the whole Enea Group and is an important part of our entire business activity.

Our Group carries out its business responsibly in line with the assumptions of the government's goals. Our mission is to provide customers with reliable access to electricity. We prove this by carrying out new investments and promoting innovative solutions.

Our priority is the construction of a modern power unit in Kozienice Power Plant, which is completed in 98% and has passed first tests. LW Bogdanka became a part of our Group. Furthermore, Połaniec Power Plant joined Enea in March this year. These initiatives will enable us to create a resource-based, cost and operating effective, Kozienice-Bogdanka-Połaniec mining and generation area, which is an important pillar of the Polish energy economy. Moreover, we are also strongly committed to developing and promoting implementation of innovative solutions on a large scale, hence our participation in the project of electromobility system creation in our country.

We undertake the above mentioned and other initiatives to meet the requirements and expectations of our present and future customers. We’re already responsible for the supply of electricity to over 2.5 million customers, so we pay much attention to the improvement of the distribution system as well as the client service modernization. We provide friendly co-operation by offering our understanding and creating offers which make life easier. We use technology advanced and modern service tools. We are for the client in the way which is expected by us.

We conduct our activities with success thanks to our employees. We belong to the group of the largest employers in Poland, and it obliges us. We wish everyone to feel safe and secure. We listen to our employees, appreciate their professionalism and commitment, and take care of the conditions in which they work. We encourage them to take advantage of the benefits and projects we create for them. We support increasing competences and train in interesting areas.

I am impressed by our employees who put a lot of effort in their work and are highly sensitive and willingly engage in volunteering: either by sharing expertise or offering other kind of support. The group of satisfied beneficiaries of our volunteer initiatives is still growing.

Enea Group is an active participant in the life of local communities, also through  activities of the Enea Foundation. I am happy that the Enea Foundation allocated almost 630 thousand zlotys in 2016 by supporting projects that contributed to improving our environment, quality of life and  local communities. We help the needy, provide emotional excitement, support numerous scientific initiatives, aspire to the art patronage and give fun by supporting cultural events. We wish to express our sense of responsibility for the environment from which we originate and depend.

We are a stable and strong mining and energy company, but what makes us a modern company is a conscious approach to our role as supplier of first-class products and services and the awareness of our influence on the environment and economic development of the country. Our business is responsible and we wish to develop in a systematic, innovative and sustainable way - these are our goals and our promise to our social and business partners.


Mirosław Kowalik

President of the Management Board of Enea SA