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We use renewable energy sources (RES) in our generation processes. 21 hydroelectric power plants, 3 wind power plants: Bardy, Darżyno and Baczyna, as well as 2 biogas plants in Gorzeslaw and Liszków belong to the Enea Group. In addition, we use biomass as fuel for power generation in our power plants and CHP plants.

Launched Baczyna wind farm consists of 6 units with a total capacity of 14.1 MW

See the spot about the new Baczyna wind farm being commissioned, where Enea Serwis was involved, and the electricity generated by the farm goes to the Enea Operator distribution network.

  • 212.8 MW, RES capacity in Enea Group of which:
    • 134.3 MW in RES segment
    • 78.5 MW in Heat segment
  • Amount of energy generated from RES in Enea Wytwarzanie: 302 730.330 MWh
  • Amount of energy generated from co-generation in Enea Wytwarzanie: 551 093.589 MWh

Generation of electricity (net) from renewable energy sources [GWh]* by Enea Capital Group

Biomass co-firing   255 0
  Change [%] -46.40% -100%
Biomass combustion   309 256
  Change [%] 5.10% -17.20%
Hydroelectric power plants   109 113
  Change [%] -3.50% 3.70%
Wind farms   162 160
  Change [%] 14.90% -1.20%
Biogas power plant   14 10.00%
  Change [%] 55.60% -28.60%

Our investments in RES area

Current and planned Enea CAPEX in renewable energy sources

RES CAPEX 13.1 mln PLN 94.3 mln PLN 6.14 mln PLN 7.16 mln PLN


Key RES investments in 2016:

  • FW Bardy II (9-10 MW) - 3 turbines of 3 MW each and connection to the existing Bardy-Dygowo 50 MW wind farm (Zachodniopomorskie voivodship). Planned total capacity of 59-60 MW.
  • FW Baczyna 15 MW - construction of 6 turbines, 2.5 MW each in Lubno in the Gorzów district.

Planned investment outlays of the RES segment for 2017, including:

a) development investments:

1. construction of a 1MW photovoltaic power plant in Jastrów, provided that the auction organized by the ERO is won.

b) Maintenance investments:

1. Modernization of power input, switching station and AKPiA (Control and Measurement Instruments and Automation) power station systems (EW Tryszczyn) - modernization of excitation systems, modernization of the standard switching station air insulated on the switching station gas insulated, construction of the remote control and control system of the entire power plant.

2. Generation optimization (WF Bardy) - assembly of combs and flaps on turbine blades to increase aerodynamic efficiency of blades and upgrade of the turbine control software to optimize turbine operating parameters. The project aims to increase farm productivity by 1.9%.

3. Automation of the power plant - automation consisting on the installation of the central SCADA ( Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system of the RES segment to optimize management / control of the operation of generation facilities.