Service Quality

"Enea constantly delivers high quality products and services ahead of our customers’ expectations", says Enea's mission statement. We recognize issues that are important to our customers, hence we set goals for relations with the clients in our new strategy implemented in 2016.

Client service standards

"Enea Group Code" is the basic document that is a kind of a bible of our principles, including those that govern ethical and legal standards in our relations with clients. It is complemented by a detailed "Enea Group Compliance Policy". In order to make the rules of contact with Enea clients precise, clear and systematized we established the following documents specifying our standards:

  • "Implementation standards related to the sales process and customer service of Enea SA by the organizational units of Enea SA and Enea Centrum Sp. z. o.o. "
  • " Enea SA sales standards for business customers"
  • " Enea Operator Sp. z o.o. customer service standards by Enea Centrum Sp. z o.o.”
  • “Standards for customer service in contact centre”
  • “ Standards for customer service in customer service centres”
  • “Standard of working in the office of customer service support”
  • “Standard of working in the office for settlements”
  • “Standard of customer e-mail correspondence service in the Enea Centrum contact centre "

In addition, Enea Logistyka applied the "Authorized Quality Management System".

"Rules for giving and accepting gifts" is a document that is binding in our Group from 2016. The regulation introduces a coherent approach to this issue in the Group, adapting it to the applicable tax regulations. These policies refer to business relations including customer relations. Content of this regulation is available to each employee on the intranet.

Additionally, due to the specificity of relations with customers, the following regulations apply in Enea Operator:

  • Procedure of client service
  • Procedure for handling complaints
  • Instruction of transmission and maintenance of the distribution network
  • Compliance Program - Program of Providing a Non-discriminatory Treatment of the Enea Operator Sp. z o.o. Distribution System Users
  • Procedures for determining the connection conditions and concluding agreement (RD) (PK1)
  • Procedures for connection of micro-installations (PK2)
  • Procedures for determining the connection conditions and concluding agreement (Department DR, OD) (PK3)
  • Procedure for monitoring of the connection agreement, its settlement and connection of the facility (PK4)
  • Print request for determining connection conditions, connection agreement templates, pricelists of connection elements, and average cost of network components.
  • Procedures for changing supplier
  • Instruction for receiving and recording customer requests, processes of customer service and complaints of provided services
  • Invoicing instructions for distribution services in Enea Operator Sp. z o.o.
  • Rules of conducting inspection of measuring systems, compliance with concluded agreements and correctness of settlements by representatives of Enea Operator Sp. z o.o.
  • Principles for determining the connection power when ordering by Customers contractual capacity
  • Rules for collection, analysis and sharing measurement data in Enea Operator Sp. z o.o
  • Debt collection procedure at Enea Operator Sp. z o.o.
  • Principles of connection of energy sources classified to the III connection group on the basis of Art. 7 sec. 9 of the Act of 10 April 1997 Energy Law (Journal of Laws of 2012, item 1059)
  • Rules of debt releasing, writing off overdue and uncollectible receivables and performing revaluation write-downs of receivables
  • Regulations of distribution services settlement in terms of quality fee, final fee and RES fees
  • Rules for determination of power and electricity losses in entities connected to the Enea Operator Sp. z o.o. network
  • Tariff for electricity distribution services
  • Specimen contract for the provision of electricity distribution services to customers qualified to the V connection group (consumer and non-consumer)
  • Specimen contract for the provision of electricity distribution services to customers qualified to the II, III or IV connection group
  • Specimen contract for the provision of electricity distribution services to customers connected to low-voltage network, whose installations are not equipped with measuring and billing systems (consumer and non-consumer)
  • Specimen contract for the provision of electricity distribution services to electricity generators in micro-installations
  • Instructions for conducting research and expertise of electric meters
  • Instruction of repair and legalization of electricity meters
  • User manual for meter storehouses
  • Instruction for receiving and issuing electrical insulation for testing / after dielectric testing

Standards and quality = excellent product and service = meeting customer needs

The Integrated Quality Management System plays an important role in maintaining the highest standards of our operations. Enea Wytwarzanie received a certificate confirming the compliance of the system with the relevant standards until 1 April 2018. This and other our certificates are available here.

Provision of a high quality product is a first condition of customer satisfaction. Hence our great care for efficient generation, increasing the generation capacity, supplying electricity and heat in a reliable, safe and environmentally friendly way.

Awards and certificates


Enea received the Emblem of Customer Friendly Company for the third time in November 2016. This is a valuable distinction, because it was preceded by research on a group of nearly 900 Enea clients whose goal was to evaluate co-operation with Enea, the probability of our company's recommendation, ease of contact with us, and overall customer satisfaction with Enea co-operation. The Customer Friendly Company Index was 89%, and the surveyed areas were rated between 88% and 91%.




We have a Certified Energy Seller Certificate of Energy Trading Association.

The certification body - TÜV Rheinland Polska – confirmed in 2014 that Enea SA meets the requirements of the "Best Practices of Electricity Sellers" and is reliable in the area of sales and operates to eliminate unfair market practices.

Another positive audit took place in 2016 and resulted with the renewal of the Certificate for the next 2 years.

Our companies also received other certificates listed here

Availability and friendly service

We are aware that the satisfaction of our clients depends on the reliability of all Enea employees. The task of the improvement of contact management process within the entire Capital Group was entrusted to Enea Centrum.

Our goal is to constantly improve service standards to meet our customers’ needs. We wish to achieve this by:

  • Development of communication channels with the customer to improve service efficiency
  • Process automation, development of available on-line tools that support client service, and implementation of new solutions in response to changing trends of on-line services.
  • Simplifying and adjusting the rules of contact with customers to the most friendly and clear

We also implemented a modern billing system and a system for customer relations management (CRM).

Client Service Centres

We’re for our clients in 31 modern, comfortable Client Service Centres.

We worked to improve our offices in 2016, adapting them to the needs of our clients. We installed queuing channelling system in all facilities, arranged baby corners and places for the elderly. We made every effort to make the offices look friendly and in line with adopted by us design and standards.

A modern Client Service Centre was opened in the historic transformer room

Electronic Client Service Centre

We completed implementation of a modern system of electronic Customer Service Centre (e-CSC) in the first quarter of 2016, which is available to all our customers. The solution is designed for both: households and companies.

The main advantage of having an on-line account is the ability to handle issues related with the co-operation with Enea without leaving home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We respect our customers and their time, hence the created tool works wherever our customer needs it. All you have to do is access the Internet and our multi-purpose office is available to you.

A modern electronic  Client Service Centre (eCSC) is available to all our customers

Introduction of all customer data to the on-line Client Service Centre was a large and successful project. We are happy that our customers have been already enjoying it for more than a year. Our customer satisfaction surveys, mentioned above, prove that clients are satisfied.

Advantages of e-CSC for the clients:

  • Starting eCSC functionality, allows customers to:
    • make payments for energy online,
    • purchase codes for prepayment meters,
    • check the current balance of payments,
  • The launch of the e-Invoice service and direct debits,
  • The possibility to purchase codes for prepayment meters and to pay energy invoices in the hundreds of network Via Moje Rachunki points (grocery stores, gas stations),
  • The possibility of receiving a summary invoice,
  • Free transfers from several thousand of bank branches throughout the country.

We’re still working, for the convenience of our clients, on expanding of the electronic Customer Service Centre with new features. We wish the customer to have access to our offer through this channel so that it is possible to order products or go to the Purchase Zone. We strive to make as many technical improvements as possible to facilitate the use of eCSC. We widely promote and encourage you to use our electronic office.

See how you can save time with Enea e-CSC

The website is an important channel of communication with the customers.

We worked on a new visualization of our site in 2016. This made our website site easy to navigate, and compatible with all types of devices (PC, phone, tablet). The site provides detailed information on our service packages, introduced changes and information of how to handle individual energy related issues. In addition, the customer has the opportunity to fill in the contact form to receive necessary information. We improved our website in 2016 through:

  • creation of a comfortable and clear sales service “for home” and “ for company”.
  • friendly and visually attractive way of presenting the product offer and bonuses
  • redesigning contact ordering for more convenient and more visible for the customer

At the same time, our contact centre is at the disposal of our clients. It is a modern, based on the latest teleinformatic solutions, secure telephone customer service platform. Through the contact center our clients may also receive information without contacting the consultant. At the same time it is possible to order a call when the line is busy.

In addition, Enea Operator provides customers with 24 hour a day hotline for power emergency.

991 open around the clock information number on breakdowns and interruptions in power supply.

Customer Service Consultant is also a kind of contact with Enea, dedicated to key and strategic business customers.

We are in the process of preparing to launch chat that will create the opportunity to directly ask questions from the website and get immediate answers.


The content and functionality of the platform, previously available at , was incorporated into our company's website in 2016. We care to provide our customers with a wide range of services. We create offers tailored to the preferences of our clients. As a result, the customer receives from us a high quality product that is tailor-made to suit expectations, because it contains the most important value for a particular customer. Individual customers may conclude comprehensive agreements via the Internet with a guaranteed, fixed price for energy and additional benefits. This is the main principle of ENERGY +, hence the very successful offers: ENERGY + Health, ENERGY + Professional and many others. Take a look and read how we respond to the needs of individual and business clients.