Social events

We have also been supporting charity actions for years. We have eyes and hearts wide open to the problems of people living in our immediate surrounding, so we are eager to take part in collections, competitions or help with events prepared by local organizations.

Get to know a few of our initiatives:

  • Collection of sweets, clothing and toys for the Children's Home in Szamotuły
  • A collection of daily necessities for 30 children of the Lonely Mother House in Poznań
  • Collection of plastic tops for a child with cerebral palsy
  • Collection of school supplies for children from the "Hope" Association of Poor Families from Gniezno
  • "School bag full of smiles" - action organized jointly with Caritas. Enea employees collected school supplies for Caritas charges In Wielkopolska and in the Lublin region

Enea employees collected school supplies for Caritas charges in Wielkopolska and the Lubelszczyzna region

  • Great Easter Package - a collection of sweets and toys for more than 260 children from educational institutions on the area of Enea Group business operations. Employees visited children in Szamotuły, Kiekrz, Zielona Góra, Dębno, Police, Więcbork, Piła and Poznań during the Easter.

Great Easter Package 2017

  • Co-operation with the Police at the Academy of Safe Kindergarten
  • "We take care of your safety. You also should care about it!"- action of Enea Operator, partners of which is police from Zachodniopomorskie voivodship, fire brigade from Wielkopolska voivodship and the Polish Society of Transmission and Distribution of Electricity
  • Enea Wytwarzanie organized a charity fair - pupils from the Special Education and Training Center in the Opactwo presented and sold handmade Christmas decorations at the company headquarters.
  • Enea employees participation in the "Szlachetna paczka" action
  • Collection of plastic taps in the headquarters and branches of the company as well as used clothes within "Clothes in motion" action for Anna Dymna Foundation
  • Poznań Business Run - a charity event gathering crowds of sport fans who help by taking part in the run. Enea made it possible for 13 teams to start. All funds from the event were donated to the charges of the Beyond Horizons Association of Jasiek Mela

Enea teams during Poznań Business Run 2016

  • Honorary Blood Donor Club at Enea Wytwarzanie

Osprey protection

Osprey is one of the most endangered clawed birds in Poland. According to estimates, there are only 30 couples in Poland. Enea Operator entered into an agreement with the Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection in Gorzów Wielkopolski to jointly work on effective fisheries protection in 2016. As in the wild, these birds like to build nests on power poles, we built six platforms on the high voltage towers.

Protection of a white stork

There is more than 3.3 thousand stork nests on the power poles In Northwestern Poland, which is the Enea Operator area of operation. Almost 3.1 thousand of them were lifted on special platforms during the last 30 years. This creates favourable safety conditions for both: people and storks. Birds like to build nests on power poles mainly for two reasons: this location makes it difficult for potential intruders to access the nest, and in addition, it is easier to learn young birds how fly. Storks nest the same nest each year, and young couples are building new ones.
After a few years, such an nest may weigh even a tonne. If such a nest had fallen, it could have a serious impact on the electrical infrastructure and on the customers. In turn, damp twigs from the nest may touch the wires and cause short circuits and even burn the nest - it is a threat to the life of the storks. Enea Operator strives to apply solutions to minimize the risk of electric fires by modernizing its network infrastructure through the implementation of the additional insulation on lines and power substations. In addition, Enea Operator included numerous bird protection instructions recommended by the General Directorate for Environmental Protection through defining standards for the construction and modernization of medium and low voltage overhead lines. 

We care for the safety of protected species. White stork nest lifted on a platform