Vision and strategy

The Supervisory Board of Enea approved the document titled: "Enea Capital Group’s Development Strategy until 2030" on 29 September 2016 (hereinafter referred to as the Strategy).

It was an extremely important event for our entire Group, as the new Strategy is a response to the dynamic changes that we observe both in the national economy and in the world. To maintain a strong market position, we optimize and adapt our way of operating to changes in the environment. At the same time we increase our market share in particular market segments and focus on the development of new innovative business lines and technologies. We wish to be an active participant of changes in the Polish economy and contribute to strengthening the energy security of our country.

Presentation of the Enea Strategy in the perspective until 2030 at the Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw

Our mission - Enea delivers constantly improved products and services, anticipating customers’ expectations due to motivated teams working
in a friendly, safe and innovative organisation.

Our vision - Enea is a leading supplier of integrated raw materials and energy related products and services and other innovative services for the wide range of customers, recognised for the quality, comprehensiveness and reliability.

The new development directions defied in the Strategy anticipate that Enea CG will be:

1. Innovative: a leader in identification, assessment of the potential and implementation of innovative undertakings on a large scale

2. Multiservice: diversified portfolio of provided services, stable income sources

3. Highly-specialist: specialist knowledge, competences and maturity in operations in the sector of raw materials and energy

4. Affecting the environment: a leader in positive changes in the power sector in Poland

5. Efficiently utilizing market opportunities: external environment analysis, flexible response to occurring opportunities, creator of demand for new goods

6. Reliable: considerable contribution in the Polish energy security

Growth in the value of Enea CG for shareholders is the primary objective specified in the strategy. In order to build a lasting competitive advantage Enea defined 15 strategic goals within four perspectives:

We have identified 31 innovative innitiatives enhancing the business potential. Among them:

  • initiatives aiming at the development of innovative technologies and business lines
  • initiatives realised mainly by the dedicated entity, Enea Innovation
  • well-thought investments in high-margin business lines, products and services

Implementation of the above mentioned initiatives will support e.g. the development of innovative products, services and business lines of Enea CG, such as:

  • Clean coal technologies (including IGCC)
  • Development of distributed poly-generation
  • Hybrid RES
  • Repository of intelligent solutions
  • Best practices and growth in mining effectiveness
  • Smart distribution network
  • Operator’s services (including for micro-grids and mines)
  • Development of micro- and macro-clusters of energy
  • Prosumer installations
  • Integrated packages of products and services
  • Services within the Internet of Things
  • Electromobililty 

Corporate Social Responsibility in Enea's business strategy

Corporate social responsibility has once again become a part of the Group's development strategy and is present in many elements of the company's operations. According to the guidelines of the Ministry of Treasury on CSR good practices:

  • corporate governance is a tool that integrates the Enea Group's operations
  • responsibility for the area of corporate social responsibility is attributed to the President of the Enea Management Board
  • the dedicated organizational unit - the Corporate Social Responsibility Office is responsible for coordination of socially responsible activities in the Group.
  • The Enea Foundation carries out initiatives in the area of corporate social responsibility addressed to the environment
  • The Supervisory Board constantly monitors expenditures from the field of social engagement

By incorporating the corporate social responsibility to the duties of the President of the Enea Management Board and the Supervisory Board, we stressed the great importance which our Group attaches to responsible practices.

Direction of actions adopted in the Enea Group's strategy corresponds directly to the five pillars of the Polish Development Plan, which are called: (1) reindustrialization, (2) development of innovative companies, (3) development capital, (4) foreign expansion, (5) social and regional development . Our responsible business plans match directly the fifth pillar of social and regional development.

Enea Capital Group:

  • includes a strong support of the local development and taking care of social relations as part of a responsible business policy in the new Strategy
  • operates throughout the country, taking care of the development of individual regions, including creation of new jobs as an attractive employer and social stimulus
  • actively supports local vocational education in a way that is optimized for long-term cooperation
  • assumes in its Strategy that its products and energy services will be provided by graduates of the above-mentioned local technical schools and training courses