Water and raw materials

G4-DMA. How the organization manages the "Materials" Aspect.

G4-DMA. How the organization manages the "Water" Aspect.

Main raw materials that are used in our daily activities include: biomass, coal, fuel oil and light fuel oil. Basic fuel used to generate electricity in Enea is hard coal. 74% of coal supplies came from LW Bogdanka in 2016. In turn, the main fuel used by Enea Wytwarzanie - Heat Segment (Bialystok Thermal Power Plant) is biomass, in the form of forest chips, energy willow chips and sunflower husk pellets.


Main raw materials used by Enea Wytwarzanie in 2015 and 2016.

Fuel type20152016Change
 Volume [thsd tons]Cost [PLN mln]*Volume [thsd tons]Cost [PLN mln]VolumeCost
Bituminous coal 5 870 1 321 5 426 1 137 -7.6% -13.9%
Biomass 634 172 427 79 -32.6% -54.1%
Fuel oil (heavy)** 8 9 8 7 no change -22.2%
Gas [thsd m3]*** 13845 20 16 198 23 17% 15%
TOTAL   1 522   1 246    

*including transport
**Light-up fuel in Kozienice Power Plant
***Used for the production of electricity and heat energy in MEC Piła and heat energy in PEC Oborniki



Total water withdrawal in the companies of Enea Capital Group in m in 2016*

Enea SA m3 9256 wells - 837 m3 water supply system - 8419 m3
Enea Operator m3 75288.65 water supply system 75 010.99cm3 wells 277.66 m3
Enea Wytwarzanie m3 1 775 004 528 groundwater intake – 941 760water from drainage – 5 010 700surface water from Wisła river - returanable water withdrawal for cooling purposes and non-returnable water withdrawal for technological purposes - 1 769 003 928 water supply system intake - 48 140
MPEC Białystok* m3 7 936 water from deep wells [m3]: 5 628water supply system [m3]: 2 308
MEC Piła m3 5 680 water supply system [m3]: 5 680
PEC Oborniki m3 2512 water supply system [m3]: 2 512
Enea Pomiary m3 770 no data
Enea Oświetlenie m3 727 water supply system Poznań- 589. water supply system Szczecin- 138
Enea Logistyka** m3 1279 water supply system [m3]: 1 279
PEC Zachód m3 2686 water supply system [m3]: 2 686
Enea Centrum* m3 1575 water supply system [m3]: 1575
Enea Serwis m3 3968 water supply system [m3]: 3968
Enea Trading ** m3 no data  

*Significant decrease of water consumption is due to reduced heat generation. 9352 m3 heat was generated in 2015 and only 116 m3 in 2016.
**In some locations there is no metering and the cost of electricity is included in the rent.
***Only a part of electricity consumption is included in the table. The remaining amount is included in the rent.
**** All office spaces used by Enea Trading are rented by the company (from Enea SA. Enea Wytwarzanie Sp. z o. o. and Enea Serwis Sp. z o. o). Therefore. all operating costs are included as fixed fees in the amount of a monthly rent. As a result. it is difficult to define exactly how much water or electricity is used by the company.


What have we done to reduce water consumption?

  1. With the activities related to the current operation and modernization of transmission networks in the Heat and Power Plant in Bialystok, the loss of heat carrier decreased from 172 thousand m3 in 2013 to 60.3 thousand m3 in 2016 i.e. by around 35%.
  2. We launched the installation of water recycling from the cooling of technological drives to the holding tanks of raw water in Białystok. 


Waste by type of waste [Mg] in 2016

 Type of wasteUnit2016
Enea SA*      
  Hazardous waste Mg 3.95
  Other than hazardous waste Mg 0
Enea Operator **      
  Hazardous waste Mg 21.926
  Other than hazardous waste Mg 1182.731
MPEC Białystok*****      
  Hazardous waste Mg 16.41
  Other than hazardous waste Mg 1115.7
Enea Wytwarzanie      
  Hazardous waste Mg 56.55
  Other than hazardous waste Mg 512423.75
MEC Piła      
  Hazardous waste Mg 9.707
  Other than hazardous waste Mg 5323.6395
PEC Oborniki      
  Hazardous waste Mg 0.0433
  Other than hazardous waste Mg 1201.949
PEC Zachód      
  Hazardous waste Mg didn't produce
  Other than hazardous waste Mg 2.1
Enea Pomiary      
  Hazardous waste Mg 0.06
  Other than hazardous waste Mg 1
Enea Logistyka***      
  Hazardous waste Mg 4.828
  Other than hazardous waste Mg 12.7
Enea Trading****      
  Hazardous waste Mg no data
  Other than hazardous waste Mg no data
Enea Serwis      
  Hazardous waste Mg 116.225
  Other than hazardous waste Mg 333.968
Enea Oświetlenie      
  Hazardous waste Mg 1.859
  Other than hazardous waste Mg 192.24 (excluding municipal waste)
ENEA Centrum      
  Hazardous waste Mg no data
  Other than hazardous waste Mg no data

*No hazardous waste is identified as a result of transferring IT services to Enea Centrum. Since 2016, Enea Centrum is a waste generator associated with this activity and not Enea SA, therefore Enea SA doesn’t generate this waste.

**Significant difference in the amount of hazardous waste in Enea Operator in 2016 and 2015 is due to the modernization of lines and power substations in 2015. Modernization concerned replacement of wooden poles, oil and transformers and power cables.

***The above values include waste collected by Enea Logistyka Sp. z o.o. from other Enea companies which result from provisions of the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act. The above figures do not include municipal waste. Hazardous wastes were handed over to ABBA Ekomed company Sp. z o.o., while non-hazardous waste are subject to recycling.

****Waste included in rent.
*****We reported a wrong value of non-hazardous waste produced in MPEC Białystok in the report for 2015, the correct value is 7910.69 Mg.

21 leaky transformer foundations 110/MV were modernized by Enea Operator in 2016 to prevent possible soil contamination with petroleum derivatives. Other leaky transformers are to be modernized and are already included in investment plans for future years.

Enea Logistyka introduced a new waste management procedure.